Batman Knightcast 22 Image Gallery

Check out these exciting images from episode 22 of Batman Knightcast!

Batman #411 cover by Unknown.

Interiors written by Max Allan Collins with art by Dave Cockrum.

Detective Comics #578 cover by Todd McFarlane and Pablo Marcos. Interiors written by Mike W. Barr with art by McFarlane.

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One response to “Batman Knightcast 22 Image Gallery

  1. These were pretty rough. As a teenager, I had subscriptions to both Batman and Detective that lasted from the Doug Moench/Don Newton/Gene Colan issues until shortly after the issues that you’re currently covering. You’re making me remember why I let those subscriptions lapse. I look forward to your coverage of Detective 580, the letter column of which features a missive from me complaining about Batman: Year Two.

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