Batman Knightcast Feedback Special

Ryan Daly and Chris Franklin respond to the listener feedback left on Batman Knightcast episodes 21 through 24. Then, an important announcement about the future of this podcast (he said, ominously)!

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Music from the Batman and Batman Returns original motion picture soundtracks by Danny Elfman. Additional music: “Change” by John Waite.

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35 responses to “Batman Knightcast Feedback Special

          1. That ARE NOT Trek or Zero Hour. I don’t even know what your other shows are, Siskoid, I only know they get in the way of the shows I listen to.

  1. Fun show, Ryan and Chris. I collected Batman and was a Breyfogle guy too. I remember his dynamic lines, and powerful covers like #457 (vs the Scarecrow). I thought with his style that he could’ve been an Image founder.

  2. After Ryan recently closed the doors on “Power of Fishnets,” I am extremely relieved to know Knightcast will be continuing… Just in a slightly different form.

    It’s a little sad that we’re gonna be losing an excellent Post-Crisis Batman podcast. But in return, we’re gaining a show, where Ryan and Chris get to talk about their favorite Batman stories from the dead they WANT to talk about.

    We lost The Fantasticast last December because Andy Leyland got fed up with all the mediocre and just plain BAD F.F. comics he had to cover for that show. (Which I’m still mourning) I don’t want to see that happen to Knightcast, or ANY podcast I enjoy listening to.

    I genuinely hope the new format change helps you both find your much needed joy.

    1. I think the dissolution of the Fantasticast probably helped goose the idea of reading comics we like, rather than let the show slip into obscurity while we dreaded covering mandated index comics.


  3. Glad to hear about the retooled version of the show. Kind of bad you left off just before Grant & Breyfogle, but I’m glad you’ll be skipping the Starlin era. Batman 414 has an awesome cover, but it is one of my most hated issues of Batman.

    I don’t know which issues you guys have access to, but if I might offer a little advice : don’t just stick to the famous issues by the well known artists. There are some great issues that have gone under the radar. One other thing : I might recommend reading the Steve Englehart/Walt Simonson/Marshall Rogers issues all together since they make one story.

    I’m really looking forward to the new episodes.

  4. Phew, an announcement about the future that doesn’t mean cancellation. Yes, explore all of Batman’s history but don’t just go for things you know you love, try things you’re less familiar with – permanent joy can make for a dull listen too. I want to hear about Batman’s Jack Schiff years, the ‘No, I Killed Batman’ multi-parter, the non-Sprang/Finger Golden Age stuff, the Crime Olympics…

    Don’t just find your joy, discover NEW joy.

    1. We’ll concentrate on great creative runs, but nothing is off the table as far as I’m concerned. But even for stuff that is on everyone’s favorites list, I think Ryan and I can bring a fresh perspective. No one has heard US gush about it before.


  5. Cards on the table? I intended to listen to the show’s Year Two coverage, even though I only ever read one issue, then see if my solidarity with Jim Starlin would see me through his run. I own and think I’ve read Batman Annual #11, always dug that Kevin Nowlan Mime cover, and had one if not both of the Collins Two-Face issues around its time of release. However, the hiatus happened, I got used to not half-listen to shows about material that didn’t really engage me, and ultimately opted to wholly not listen. So from my perspective, the shift is the best thing you could have done to keep any (less vocal) listeners like myself. But I’d still like to hear your take on the Starlin run, even if its an overview, and especially his work with Wrightson on The Cult. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to reread my trade of that in the 21st Century. But also, I’m skipping pretty much any Norm freakin’ Breyfogle stuff. #NotMyBatman

    1. I might still want to cover THE CULT at some point as I love me some Bernie Wrightson. Besides that, it’s possible that Michael and Andy will cover some of the Starlin issues on The Overlooked Dark Knight podcast.

  6. I say with no irony whatsoever that I LOVED the Akroyd/Hanks DRAGNET film. It was one of those films that was on HBO roughly fifteen times a day the year after it came out and I watched it over and over again. I never watched the old series or listened to the radio show, but the movie made me laugh every time I watched it. Plus, it had Jack O’Halloran in a small role and was directed by Tom Mankiewicz…so…you know…it all comes back…blah blah blah.

    Actually the Jack scene is hilarious. Seriously. Actually the whole movie is.

    And, like Chris, I’ve had that rap stuck in my head since the late eighties. That and the rap at the end of Monster Squad.

    1. Geez, I forget Mankiewicz directed Dragnet. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and it was a constant rental with me and my friends, but I haven’t seen it in 30 years. The rap is kind of bad, but it’s still at least fun. “They got they girl all frightened, now that’s not nice, I think she is the subject of a SACRI-FICE!!!”

      But the Monster Squad rap is AWFUL. I LOVE that movie. You know that. But that rap is the worst of all the bad rap fad songs of the 80s. Worse than the Super Bowl Shuffle.


      1. Do NOT besmirch the greatest assembly of heroes ever, Cfranks! I’m talking about the ’85 Bears! The only team to boast a hit single and a member of GI Joe! Take that, Justice League and Avengers (the Marvel version, not the cooler BBC version)!

          1. Only saw Dragnet ’87 a few times a quarter century ago, but I remember liking it. Always down for broad comedies that somehow work in pagan human sacrifice cults. As soon as the movie was referenced I thought of “the virgin Connie Swail.” When I was infatuated with Paula Abdul, MTV did a “Straight Up Saturday” that showed her choreographing the “City of Crime” music video, and I still have a bunch of that material on a VHS tape in the attic. Wonder if Tom Hanks was intentionally aping the Beastie Boys with his whining shout raps.

            The Monster Squad rap is no “City of Crime.”

      2. The mention of the Monster Squad rap was not to suggest it was on par with City of Crime. They’re both stuck in my head.

        That and the Whatchamacallit ad with the two southern guys doing a “Who’s on first?” style back and forth.

        “Tell me the name.”
        “I told you the name.”
        “Did not.”
        “Did too.”

  7. Now that I’ve listened to the episode and caught up on the ones I missed I wanted to say how happy I am that you guys are going to be talking about stuff that brings you joy, to coin a phrase. I’ve been where you are on numerous occasions and while trying to read through an era is a noble en devour, it’s not always a good idea. The only reason I can stick with FCTC is that I legit like 90% of the comics from our mandate. In listening to the episodes leading up to this one I can hear the struggling to find the will to live that I have experienced from time to time.

    And it will be cool to hear you guys talk about the classic material. When Andy and I chose our concept for Overlooked, we wanted to stand out. It wasn’t an indictment on shows that cover that stuff, but we wanted to be a bit different than other Batman shows. Actually, Andy suggested talking about the Post Crisis issues, but then y’all announced your show and we were like,” Well, that’s taken then,” but in hearing how you guys reacted to some of the comics I feel like we dodged a bullet. Speaking from a purely business sense, this is a show on a network of shows and being the Batman show that talks about the classic books makes a lot of sense. It also gives your show a wider appeal.

    To quote Bruce Banner from Endgame, “I got robbed.’

    I mean, “I see this as an absolute win.”

    Plus, it’s nice to hear people talk about what they love.

    1. I told Chris it would be hilarious if one year from now our shows have basically swapped material where you’re talking about Starlin/Aparo and we’re talking about Conway/Newton & Moench/Colan, etc.

  8. The Knew Knightcast! Can’t wait!

    And it gives me great joy when you guys laugh reading my feedback. Or is that “laugh at” my feedback?

  9. Holy Frustration, Batman! My crummy old Bat-Computer has been acting up and wouldn’t let me listen to this episode all the way through until now.

    Having finally heard the big announcement about the All-New Classic Retro Batman KnightCast I can honestly say I have mixed feelings. I guess I’m the only Bat-Fan who doesn’t get his Utility Belt in a twist over the Max Allan Collins era. Really guys I’ve read much worse before and since.

    But that’s OK. You should cover whatever Bat-Books make you happy. I’ll be listening. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Podcast.

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

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