Batman Family Reunion #16 – Hamburgers, an Unnamed Villain, and a Green Boot!

Shawn and Paul are sitting alone at the picnic table this month but hoo-boy! What an issue to discuss! We get Robin, Batgirl, Bat-Girl, Commissioner Gordon, Cold-Shoulder Lori, strange video equipment, father-daughter teasing, a color-blind villain, and plenty of hamburgers – all in the first story!  Man-Bat shares billing (and the reward) with Jason Bard (who also eats a burger) in our second story as they save Francine from the Shotgun Sniper! Shed a tear as Shawn shares a tale of heartbreak over Superman vs. Muhammad Ali!  Come on down to the Wayne Family Gardens and join the fun!

Bat Family History – Michael Golden

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22 responses to “Batman Family Reunion #16 – Hamburgers, an Unnamed Villain, and a Green Boot!

  1. Hello old chums .
    It’s cousin Bucky and Jeremy along with Mario and Jericho . And we’ve brought actually mario is cooking some of his world famous brisket and combining that with turkey burgers with a cranberry BBQ Sauce on sour dough buns and Jeremy insisted white cheddar , tomato’s we have dubbed it super bat battle burger can you eat just one . Jericho is making Coffee milk shakes Jeremy is playing with puppies cousin Alfred brought . Another great show. Also in case any one interested the filsinger games legend of wrestling event is taking place in hour . I’ve got an open challenge to see if any on can take out the team of iron sheik and King Kong bundy , so who is team cousin . Jeremy also is ready with Harley race for his match and Jericho is set up for a mix tag match of she devil and sgt slaughter , Mario is showing off for the girls .

  2. impressive podcast most impressive. I wonder if this counts as dial V FOR VILLAIN. Any rate this is a poorly good issue. Sorry I know y’all enjoy it as much. The cover works pretty well. I’m assuming the main villain is using TV monitors of taped editions of him facing the two heroes. Which would make sense considering what his job is to catch Him. It is good to see the TV star Dula Dent a.k.a. the jokers daughter. Currently calling herself Harlequin. I wonder if that name will be popular now things it for a character? Any rate I did enjoy watching the first episode of Gotham Knights. The actress on that show played Dula well. The Robin character fit she was supposed to be well enough. And I guess the twins were done well but I’m not familiar with them because I don’t really read modern comics. And I am unaware of this new adopted son. These probably there since both Jason Todd and Dick are on the Titans show. But enough about that CW show.

    That’s a heck of a chainsaw if it can cut to concrete. I am surprised the villain was able to get away that easily. But if a claim in this one we wouldn’t have much of a story. I think Lori is ignoring Dick not because she’s mad at him. But because he’s just like to Keebler elf’s. I like green as much as the next person, but come on was is from the Kermit the frog collection? Why as a college student you Woodberry wearing this much screen I have no idea. It’s not even tones that would go together for work for camouflage. Granted lori’s purple and yellow ensemble isn’t exactly Queen of fashion level either. As for Robin saving the burger that he hates. Well he is a college student. If you paid for it you’re gonna keep it. Onto the next story believe it or not Barbara looks fine in her yellow and white ensemble. Commissioner Gordon’s suit works well enough for him. I could not tell you why the brown and yellow outfit works. But it does.

    Though the villain looks like an escapee from A GI Joe comic. Well more of a battle action comic. Started reading those on blood for the Baron. And in chapter 3 happens there having such a nice day with fashion. Then Barbara had to put on that mustard yellow monstrosity. The frills and such should work but for whatever reason it’s just no . Previously weird big around earrings. And why in the world is Lori wearing a yellow palm tree covered dress? Is she auditioning for Magnum PI? With a green belts no less. Well a green sash but still. Dick’s straight shirt and white vest are fine. Not great but find. The flame bird story is fine. I’m going to call her that since that does become her identity later. Instead of having to do the bat-girl bit. Is that weird polkadotted flightdeck tended outfit Babs is wearing and the only thing anyone notices issued dyed her hair green. Weird that everybody thinks it’s a set error instead of just her changing her hair color that. And normally I would point out the bizarre costume since I figured that was part of the plot.

    But the only thing mentioned is the hair. So I assume that monstrosity was not an attempt to catch the villain. So why did the main villain not notice everyone else talking about it? Then he could just pretend to react to it.
    Again with the politics? Not like he bashed on someone for taking documents in a well guarded place. While holding a bunch in his car garage. moving right a long. The next story is not bad. The artist showing up in the story is kind of funny. If there in New York or Chicago man bat showing up as man that will not be the weirdest thing anyone saw. They probably would just ignore him. I am glad to see that daddy man bat that part of the reward. I will leave Francine’s outfit out of the discussion since she is pregnant. As for Kurt walking around with no shirt. It was a thing. I didn’t know people didn’t do that anymore. I work nights I don’t really see people that much. Except for their buying their last of groceries before leaving. Since we close an hour after I get to work. The manta men look like something out of a 70s Dr. who episode. Are that one second Dr. episode that most of it was lost. And they were undersea. Power girl getting her first comic ad was kind of cool. Batman pretending like calendar metallization it was funny. Though he deftly got an improvement in the Long Halloween.

    Sadly it doesn’t seem like DC has done much with him since then. Say for the second suicide squad movie. Yet a watch with the hands being the hero’s hands going around the clock would’ve been kind of fun. I agree with you too. Any rate can’t wait to hear the next episode.

  3. Hey Shawn, please start STOCKING COMICS. With its inherent Xmas theme, it can run during the months MOUNTAIN COMICS is off. Perfect!

    I had one of those watches you guys mentioned, the Batman one I think. Oddly, Captain Marvel is pictured on the inside of the box, even though he is not mentioned in the ad. Odd.

    What else is there to say about Michael Golden’s work? Even at this early stage, he is doing phenomenal stuff. The contrast with Don Heck’s stuff in the lead feature does Heck no favors. Somehow this month his figures are even more lightweight and gossamer than usual.

    Great show as always!

  4. Ok, so let’s talk about color-blindness….

    I can only assume that Shawn has never seen an Ishihara test, which most folks may not know by name, but which is fairly common. Basically, you’re looking at a circle made up of lots of similarly-colored dots, and are asked to identify a number within the pattern. If you’re not color-blind, you should be able to discern the number, but if you have the specific type of color-blindness the test is set up to detect, you wouldn’t be able to make out the number, because your eyes can’t discern the differences between the specific colors (such as red and green) being presented ( Note that, while red-green color-blindness is perhaps the most well-known, it is but one of several types of color-blindness.

    The upshot of all this is that, if you’re the “right” type of color-blind (or “wrong,” depending on your perspective), it’s entirely plausible that a person normally seen with red hair may not look any different to the color-blind person if she suddenly had green hair. That person’s eyes can’t distinguish the difference that other people eyes can see automatically.

  5. I never realized Bat-hyphen-Girl had appeared again, anywhere. I always assumed she was ignored once Barbara Gordon’s character was created. I hope she shows up again!

  6. Great episode! I am always listening but don’t always comment. Just know I love the show! A couple of comments!

    Love the Duala Dent/Jokers Daughter/Harlequin review. I remember the ‘I’m Two-Face’s daughter!’ reveal. I suppose Duala should have given it away.

    But I really loved the Michael Golden discussion. I was a kid when I was reading these comics and didn’t really care about the credits too much. In an upcoming issue he draws a Demon strip. It was the first time I had ever read about Etrigan and his art blew me away as a kid. I know I went back to the credits and said ‘who is this guy!’ His work is incredible. Thanks to your review I have some new books to look for. I’ll advise you to find his couple of Mister Miracle issues from the late 70s. Wild stuff.

    1. Anj, did you know the Englehart/Rogers/Gerber/Golden Mr Miracle run is now collected as a hardback, with bonus B&B and DCCP material and the cover to the planned #26? It came out on 2020 alongside the Conway/Newton Return of the New Gods hardback. Don’t you deserve a treat?

  7. Thanks for hosting another barbecue, Shawn and Paul, but why so lonely this episode? Just put the call out and I’ll be right beside you with my meaty sausages.

    I remember this issue, it was pretty fun. Maybe it’s the digital reader adding slickness but I think the art by Don Heck and John Celardo looked pretty darn nice – even though Dick did look rather unusual in his civvies, there’s one close-up where looks Asian-American (and why not!).

    And doesn’t Don draw nice dogs in the first chapter? I know you like dogs – dogs are God’s second greatest creation after cats.

    Do you reckon that ‘Batman nabs Mad Hatter’ headline refers to Batman #297 from March 1978? We know Uncle Bob is good like that

    And who cares if the undercover cops didn’t get any dialogue, they were super hot and very well dressed?

    It’s always great to see Duela and Bat Hyphen Girl!

    That Jason Bard logo is terrible, I’m sure someone could whip us one up to match the Batgirl and Dick affairs. Pretty good story though; Michael Golden isn’t quite the Michael Golden yet, his faces aren’t always successful, but he’ll get there.

    The Michael Golden focus was, well, golden, but I hope John Celardo turns up again in the credits, I want to hear his story.

    Bring on those beautiful Dollar Comics!

  8. Man from Atlantis (swish )!
    You call and I’ve arrived but I think Ben evry from cosmic comics is who want as he has read every issue of the man from Atlantis comics . I’ve read two issues and I’ve read two of the novels of the movies and my brother and I have reviewed a couple episodes and the tv movies .

  9. Hey, Bat-Cousins! I certainly would have been spending time talking with cousin Yvonne this month (and any time she was around).

    Thanks for the Teen Titans recap. I was a huge fan of this era of the Titans, and I too loved the idea of the Titans West. I would have loved to see more of those folks (so much so that I eventually wrote a series of Titans West tales for a DC Fanfiction site I was part of back around 2000 – Google “The Five Earths Project” for finding my stuff).

    I very much loved the Jim Aparo cover on this one. That was probably, for me, my favorite part of the issue. I did enjoy seeing both Harlequin and Bat-Girl appearing in the issue. Bat-cousin Bob was doing a great job crossing over his titles by moving the characters around all the time. It made the world feel very connected.

    Looking forward to the Dollar Comics era beginning with next issue.

  10. Thanks for catching us up on JoDaug’s escapades in Titans since her last Family outing. I haven’t read those books — do the Titans have an in-story reason for making Duela a Titan, given her not-especially-heroic showing in this book previously? If not, I applaud their being generous enough to offer her a membership.

    About Duela, though — she’s moved on from the green wig game, so do we think Barbara got one from her? However B.G. got it, she makes it work, I think. She, the JLI’s Beatriz, and Billie Eilish could go on the road as the Green B’s.

    I have some thoughts about the villain of the main story. Real name unknown but also villain name unknown. But I guess his real JOB is being a videographer who would adjust a TV feed’s color as needed in the course of his workday? I’m not sure that’s the right job to assign someone with color-blindness.

    As to his villain name … well. I appreciate the alliteration in the story title (“Fury of the Five-in-One Foe”) but his name has to be something catchier while still incorporating “five” … and I’m inclined to reference how he keeps flubbing in all five of his personas. Guys, how about as a tribute to the outstanding dialogue found in Batman issue 66, I’m going to call this guy: “The Five-Way Boner.”

    Eh? Eh?

    I’m being told that I’m not allowed to name characters anymore. Very well. Ta!

  11. Aah, April. That time of year when all the cars have a nice chartreuse highlight from a layer of pollen.

    I loved your recap of Duela/JD/Harlequin in the Rozakis Teen Titans run. One plot line I remember from that era was the disappearance of Mal’s horn. When they announced the New Teen Titans in 1980, I wondered if they would revisit that hanging thread. Needless to say, they didn’t, but Wolfman and Perez created one of my all-time favorite comics so I’ll let that slide.

    The first story this issue is about as bland as the hamburgers Dick was eating. It had its moments, but I think the problem was the villain. Interesting concept with the changing identities, but overall, eh. A few things that caught my eye –

    * The one dog tugging on Robin’s cape is either trying to prove Edna Mode’s mantra or decided the song lyrics don’t apply because this isn’t Superman.
    * Waitaminute! Who was pumping garbage into the river behind the Ferris Aircraft factory? What was Carol up to while Hal was gallivanting in space?? Did she know? And if so, what did Ollie have to say? And how did this villain get away with that jet pack without a Green Lantern after him? Oh, yeah, Hal’s gallivanting in space.
    * Good timing, Lori. Gordon’s listing the results of the disgraced sheriff’s plan and she calls them in for dinner before he mentions the biggie – the train derailment. Whether it’s the 1970s or today, that’s still a big deal.
    * I thought someone who’s red/green color blind sees red and green as gray, but I believe there are varying degrees of color blindness.
    * A villain upset over a rigged election?? Preposterous motivation!! Now, I know people joke that “so-and-so couldn’t get elected dog catcher”, but what town actually elects their dog catcher???

    According to Mike’s Amazing World, this is the last appearance of Bat-Girl until she shows up at Wonder Girl’s wedding in Tales of the Teen Titans #50 seven years later. I don’t think she was even shown in action or dying in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and that included everybody!

    The Man-Bat story was much better. Great action and pacing fit a lot in fewer pages. Still loving Michael Golden’s artwork. Still get the feeling that Bob Rozakis had a lot more freedom with Man-Bat than he did with Robin and Batgirl, and he was having fun writing this character.

    But I really have to ask – What the hell is a “hamburgery”?? Is that a northern phrase? I can’t remember hearing or reading that anywhere except in this story.

    Most 70s thing? Yes, we have Jimmy Carter, pay phones, and console TVs, but check out the watch ad you posted. The ordering coupon has spaces for credit card numbers if you’re paying by … BankAmericard OR Mastercharge! You’d have to put that in an envelope, drive to the corner in your Pacer, and drop it into a mail box to be more 70s.

  12. Hey Cousins!

    I wrote an article on Titans West for Back Issue several years ago (# 65) and I interviewed Bob Rozakis about his plans for the book. I’ll check my copy or my original article file when I get home and get back to you on why Rozakis may have introduced a larger team just issues before cancelation.

    I hate to beat up on Don Heck, who did some wonderful work at Marvel in the Silver Age, but his art, as printed, was pretty uninspired during this period, and it didn’t help Teen Titans either. Maybe Babs and Dick threw those Our Way Studios jointed cardboard figures advertised in comics at the time at the unnamed bad guy? Cindy currently owns a Wonder Woman!

    Speaking of merch, I still have my childhood Batman watch, as advertised on the back cover. It doesn’t work, but it still displays great…and of course it’s a bit too small for me to wear! I had the case for years, which my mom kept for me, but somehow along the way, it was lost.

    Oh, and Power Girl’s design was actually created by Ric Estrada and Wally Wood with the boob window. Incoming publisher Jenette Kahn hated the look, and Wood increasingly drawing PG’s breasts bigger. Wood closed up the window, but proceeded to make increase Kara’s cup size each issue to ridiculous proportions. When Joe Staton took over the art chores on All-Star Comics, he eventually gave her the swoop neck collar.

    Michael Golden drew one of the stories in the first Batman comic I clearly remember buying (or having bought for me), DC Special Series #15. “I Now Pronounce You Batman and Wife” was written by Denny O’Neil, and is the tale where Batman is married to Talia…while he’s unconscious. Even at age 3, I knew this art was something special!

    He is also the artist of one of my favorite, and unfortunately now largely forgotten Batman stories “The Player on the Other Side” from Batman Special #1 (early 1984), written by Mike W. Barr. When he was doing covers for Detective in the early 90s, I was happy to see him back on the character. His Dark Knight is underrated! And he’s great elsewhere too!

  13. Sorry I’m so late with my homework, Professor Kien and Professor Myers! There were so many good podcasts this week that I forgot I hadn’t finished this one, and I missed the assignment in Modern Firearms. Maybe you could cut me some slack, since we’re Bat-cousins and all?

    Seriously, y’all were very entertaining and informative as always, even though the stories might have left a little to be desired. And I really enjoyed the Easter ham at this reunion! I won’t repeat all the praise from the comments above, so just know that I agree with it. Regarding the question about the long gun sights, I think we’re still talking about the shotgun from the shotgun sniper story, right? If so, the short answer is “No, that is not a seventies thing, because those sights are still in use.” The longer, more pedantic, and more fun answer (at least for me) is as follows:

    The low-tech sights in the panel are iron sights. More specifically in this case, the forward sight is a ring sight. The big hole makes rapid target acquisition easy, unlike the “soda straw” of a telescopic sight. A telescopic sight gives you a very clear, magnified sight picture, but of a much smaller field of view. If you’ve ever tried to line up a telescope on a comet in the back yard — well, it isn’t as tough as that, but you get the idea. Iron sights are practically ancient, and telescopic sights were already old in the seventies. However, telescopic sights are much more often used with a rifle, because rifles shoot spinning pointy lead bullets hundreds of yards. The shotgun shoots a flying pile of non-spinning lead pellets, and is only effective for maybe a hundred yards. So, the scope is not required. You can see your target at that distance.

    Nowadays, of course, you can have laser sights that paint a glowing dot on your target. People can use these with rifles or with short-range weapons like shotguns and handguns, but iron sights are still widely used. And rifles can also have rangefinders that tell you the distance to your target so you can adjust your elevation (i.e., how many degrees you lift the muzzle of the gun). This enables you to account for the bullet losing altitude over the course of its flight. Again, this is not applicable to a shotgun.

    Finally, now you can have electronic sights with little glass optics that look like scopes or just a single glass lens, but they don’t necessarily magnify the view of the target. When you look into the glass, you see what the gun is pointed at and a red or green dot on whatever it would hit if you pulled the trigger. I think these are the ones you’re thinking of, Cousin Paul. These are expensive, so the only times I have used them is when our Uncle Sam sent me on trips with his guns. You know Uncle Sam — always throwing money around like he’s rich, when he’s really being crushed under the weight of massive debt. He still sends me checks though, so I can’t complain too loudly. Anyway, I’ve used these electronic sights and liked them — they allow for rapid target acquisition and accurate shooting — but I never understood how they work. I’ve attached links to two web pages that explain it. I skimmed these web pages, but I still don’t fully understand, you know?,be%20experienced%20in%20traditional%20scopes.,onto%20it%2C%20creating%20your%20reticle.&text=This%20allows%20you%20to%20see,optic%20cannot%20see%20your%20reticle.

    Anyway, that’s the long answer. Thanks for another opportunity to learn and then drone on–I mean, share my knowledge! Next time, I’m bringing watermelon!

  14. Hi, Bat Cousins! Sorry I’m late, I brought a basket of leftover Cadbury eggs from Easter. They always seem like a great nostalgic idea for a snack until you have one and it feels like you just ate a melted candle. Enjoy!

    Oh, good. Another Don Heck issue. The Chainsaw Bandit was… something. I’m not sure having a chainsaw for one hand and an axe for another makes for a particularly effective bandit. Maybe he should’ve brought along the “Regular Hands Bandit” for assistance. I know I’ve harped on this before, but why is Dick always sabotaging his relationship with Lori? Again, the perfect college girlfriend is right in front of him, and Dick’s busy running off with a sentient mom haircut who cosplays as his dad’s worst enemy and thinks throwing a frisbee will stop a guy with a chainsaw. C’mon, Dick! Get it together!

    You guys are 100% right on the train full of mannequins. Also, half of them look like Bruce Wayne. But let’s credit Don Heck for giving Commissioner Gordon an incredible flowing Wyatt Erp mustache. That white handlebar masterpiece looks like it could’ve wrapped half of it around that grenade and chucked it out of the train while pouring Gordon two fingers of single malt with the other side. By the way, his dad joke about Red Grange wasn’t great, but it was accurate. The Galloping Ghost was the guy who really put the NFL on the map by signing with the Chicago Bears. Before that, college football was way more popular, and pro football was looked at as a side show. I’m pretty sure he was the first, or one of the first, elected into the pro football hall of fame. There’s your sportball for the day, Shawn.

    This story had so many bizarre moments. I loved Barbara, Dick, and the rest casually noting the green boot while Bat-Girl was getting worked over on live TV. And then just stroll into the kitchen for coffee without figuring out if she was okay. When the Titans break up, they break up! And all the weird body moves and random leaping during the final fight with the bad guy was really distracting. Were they fighting in a bouncy house? Heck giveth (Gordon’s mustache) and he taketh away (everything else).

    The most 70’s moment has got to be public officials actually taking accountability for their actions. I could elaborate, but, do I need to?

    Great spotlight on Michael Golden, Paul. One thing you didn’t mention was his brief work on the G.I. Joe Yearbooks. He drew a story about the Joes and the Oktober Guard that was just astounding. The front and back covers alone for issues 1 and 2 are worth the price.

    Finally, that Hostess Fruit Pie ad was unnerving. Why was Mera’s water hand made of human flesh? How was it shooting fruit pies of of it’s palm? At least the Manta Men learned the true meaning of fingers and hands and mouths. And the rest of us learned the lesson that fruit pies are gross. Have a Twinkie instead.

    Well, gotta go. Great Aunt Hazel and Grandma Louise just got into a fist fight on the pickle ball court. I thought the shot was in bounds, too, but things are escalating quickly!


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