Batman Family Reunion #16 – Gallery

Batgirl teams up with 10 year old Robin!

Lori gives Dick the cold shoulder! But he gets her burger!

Mannequins on a Train! Like Snakes on a Plane but more plastic!

Ouch! I'll just rub that bullet wound!

Brave CG!

Getting ready for dinner!

Daddy gets teased!

The print version.

The digital version.  Hmmm.

Yeah let's all resign.

Unnamed villain taken out by cardboard cutouts of Batgirl and Robin!

Wow, just wow.

And here is Michael Golden (also getting a burger).

Taking out the bad guy, with "flair"!

Get ready to be a Daddy, Kirk! (but put your shirt on first)

The stars of Shawn's Broadway show are the villains here.

Earth-2 adventures!

AWODCC - love it!

And the non-creepy Calendar Man!

I wish I had a Super-Hero Time Machine!

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