Batman Family Reunion #17 – Gallery

Great silent page by the Master Aparo!

Hot-headed Robin gets tossed by Helena!

Love this "Family" Room!

Musings by Robin

And by Bruce!

Great panel!

Good thing Dick has his cape!

Madam Zodiac! (NOT Xanadu!)

I still don't know what's happening in this panel.

Great use of captions.  Props to Don Heck.

Just admire the art on the next few pages.  Wow.

Still waiting for the Morgaine Le Fey Cosplayers!

See how Rogers makes us part of the transportation.  Tremendous.


Ah the warm cuddly Etrigan.

Cripes Indeed!  Great panel!!

Turned to stone!

And a beautiful baby girl! and demon???

Splash page by Jim Starlin.  Great poem - art, to be debated.


A few pics of the history of DOLLAR COMICS!

And finally - Shawn's Tempo books collection!

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