Batman Family Reunion #490 – Earthquakes, Dance Moves, and Black Lightning!

We’re packed at the Wayne Family Gardens this month, as Siskoid makes his debut on the show along with our first three-time guest, Brett Young! We’ve got plenty to talk about as Batman’s “Vengeance Vow” ends, just as Black Lightning begins his run in the book!  Batgirl infiltrates a dance studio, while Robin solves a campus mystery.  Come on down and join us for some Twinkies!

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12 responses to “Batman Family Reunion #490 – Earthquakes, Dance Moves, and Black Lightning!

  1. Hey old chums it cousin Bucky I brought, that old stand by biscuits and gravy. With a twist we battered and deep fired them and put them on a sticks . Jeremy is setting bocci field . We got purple balls and Batman blue . Pick your side .

  2. Still listening, but just wanted to comment on a few things so far.

    I believe in the intro to the Tales of the Demon TPB (at least the late 80s/early 90s printing), Denny said he always wanted his last Batman story to have Batman and Talia stroll off together in the sun. Well, Denny was about to jump ship to Marvel as a writer/editor, so this was, at the time, his LAST Batman story. So, right or wrong, he may have twisted things around to get to that conclusion.

    The little ad for the DC/TV stars ran last issue, but we forgot to bring it up on air. I had it in my notes even! That Batman is defintiely by Dick Giordano, but I’m not sure where its from. The figures of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are from the DC Calendar/JLA treasury, and could either by by Adams and Giordano, or just Giordano, considering the source.

    Possible nod to Yvonne Craig in the Batgirl story? Craig was trained as a dancer, and wore a red wig as Batgirl, whereas Batgirl wheres a black wig in disguise as a dancer. Either way, interesting connection!

  3. Great show. I agree with Sean – cover didn’t do it for me – I don’t care how much of a ‘karate man” Sensei is… he looks like a 106 pound old man, physics would limit his ability to inflict damage on Batman, whose clenched fist could hit him into another time zone. BatM story’s plot motivations were very squishy to me – Batman can beat people like Lurk effortlessly, Gordon’s shoot down command, the priest dictating terms, Talia shooting the dart… etc. I liked the Batgirl well enough, and Black Lightning was very good – but the Robin story? Nursing school college students go after a teacher with guns so they can get a better grade? Wow – that’s a tough college! One last thing…. atop the cover… “5 All New Thrillers” but they included basically, a 3-page public service announcement about a police officer pushing a woman’s car in that “5” – a 3-page THRILLER! – lol.

  4. Another great episode, cousins! I have to say, Siskoid had the best response to who his favorite Bat-Family member is. As always, Paul’s creator spotlight was fascinating to hear.

    Something that gave me pause to consider was the mention of Dick’s dorm room poster. When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, my friends and I all had posters in our rooms. Sometimes they were concert posters, some were pull outs from magazines (no, not those magazines) of popular teen stars or musicians. I was the only one I know that had actual comic book posters. What I was wondering about Dick’s poster was whether it was drawn picture or a photo poster a’ la Farrah Fawcett? If the latter, I can’t imagine Bruce posing for something like that. Maybe a lucky newspaper photographer got a good shot while Batman was taking down a major opponent (Signalman?). More likely, some enterprising promoter hired a square-jawed model and dressed him up in a knock-off Batsuit. I think Dick would have gotten a good laugh when he found that poster in the school bookstore.

    I look forward to listening in to my fellow Bat-cousins in the next episode!

  5. Hello Bat-cousins:

    I brought Italian Ice made from the scrapings of sleet and snow from the car of the woman stranded on the streets of Gotham City from the storm.

    I like the idea of the Tales of Gotham City story in this issue. But it needs a better twist ending.

    Imagine a similar storyline, but, instead of a random unnamed police officer giving the car a push, it was one of the members of the Batman Family.

    Alfred. Francine Langstrom. Talia al Ghul. Duela Dent. Even Dick’s old girlfriend, Lori! The more unexpected, the better.

    Unless the Tales of Gotham City stories are required to feature a cop from the GCPD. If that’s the case, then (in my best Gilda Radner voice) “Nevermind!”

  6. Impressive podcast most impressive. Hey it’s a thing now. I always say that. Any way to the Gothem tails first. Since I was kind of in something like that a few weeks back. We had a massive storm hit while I was in my Trans group. and a Hearken warning. Happened while I was in group. We had no idea. Any way I was gonna ride home on my bike. But 2 of the other ladies there were nice enough to offer me a ride home. Nora and Tya

    As we’re going one of the Gals is called by her ex wife. She was caught in the storm . Her car was stuck on a road in water. It was up to my knees and I’m 6 ft tall. Anyway we went there and pushed her car out the other girl Nora was stronger than she looked and Tye did most of the pushing. Luckily to nice men showed up and helped push Tye ex wife’s car in a drive way.

    Though Nora may as well as had WW music from the movie behind her. Geez for a skinny lady she was strong. I tried to help push. Not being much help cause I’m old. And maybe some of The E and Blockers I take. Anyway we then helped push out 2 other cars. And tried to get Tye’s car Outback the water, but sadly part of her truck was on a hill .

    So we had to stop. She called a friend to come tow it latter. So she wouldn’t flood the engine. But, on that day the Trans agenda was getting peoples cars out of knee deep water. So this story as meh as it is speaks to me. Since we’ve done that in real life. I know your in shock as an old witch that I didn’t melt in the rain. Just lucky I guess.

    Ah the cover. Now we see how Bay Man would look in the movie Dirty Dancing. Wait they put Talia in a corner … no one puts Talia in a corner. Sensa is doing a 70s Kung Fu kick . No one in real life would ever use this. Rash is angry he didn’t get a close up. Mr. Dermal promised him a close up. And he’s ready for his close up Mr. Dermal. Next is Bruce drunk? Yeah the give us both some trouble line makes no since. Though cool 70s thugs why weren’t they mentioned on Gabriel’s horn? Glad Bats doesn’t know everything.

    Cause Oy. Next story. Was it the dancing with the Stars issue. Ah Bat Girl doing the reverse bit of the wig is fun. Now that song is in my head Bat Girl, Bat Girl is she a weird chick from outer space. Bat girl. Any way. Ah more dance fighting . Wonder if they were lesioning to Youe into the grove by Modona while fighting?

    Or maybe Ballroom blitz. More fight Seens should play Ballroom blitz. Ohhh Robin in just his green speedos. Sexymess. I may need a moment…. Ok next. Ah dorm rooms. I remember those in college. But ours weren’t so large. There was one building that had a normal sized rooms the rest were like a Cobb y hole.

    Ya got two beds against the walls a place to put tvs etc and a locker. So not large. Ok I like Dick’s Girl friends cloths. Save that weird striped top she has under her dress blouse. Still nice blouse. However the gal on the head set.
    Geez a green top and Aqua blue pants. Girl … no. Anyway next story.

    Ah Black Lightning. I always think of the Sinbad bit on Saturday night live when I see him. Ware he was at Super Man’s funeral and Bo one knew he was. Anyway, the story is fine. Though wouldn’t they think Damballa would give Black Lightning. Lighting powers.

    Ogun would make more since he was the gwad of Lightning and Iron . In Africa and was brought over to Haiti for the Voodoo religion. Like other gwads were. So not sure how a Popa Change , Ougan, Manbo, following any Iwa would get them to the FA
    Gwads gave this man lighting g powers. So if they said Ogun then maybe. Any way cool story. Though Oy Jefferson Pirce can’t catch a break anyway can’t wait for the next pod cast.

    See y’all for now.


  7. Mmm, Tastykakes.

    Batman – “The Final Countdown” by Europe (and I swear, if Shawn said he hasn’t heard this song …. )

    Nice to see Batman followed Sandra Bullock’s advice from Miss Congeniality when fighting Lurk and remembered S.I.N.G. Solarplexus, instep, nose …. but I guess the Comics Code prevented him from completing it.

    What church does Reverend Reeney belong to? I can’t believe he’s so anti-weapon that he doesn’t even want an armed security detail. Nice to see his convictions are strong enough to put his fellow clergy at risk.

    The whole religious leader conference could have been interesting if there had been some build-up to it.

    Batman told McManus to wait for him in the Batcave. How long was he waiting there while Batman recovered with Talia? Did Alfred at least put on a ski mask and bring him a sandwich?

    Batgirl – “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

    The father is 45 and his son thinks he’s ready to be put out to pasture?? Man I’ve never wanted to punch a comic book character so much. I was 13 when this came out. Maybe then, 45 seemed old.

    Tales of Gotham City – the theme music from NBC’s “The More You Know” segments

    This seemed like one part filler, one part PSA. Decent and charming throwback to a time when Jim Gordon wasn’t the only altruistic member of the GCPD.

    Robin – “Teacher Teacher” by 38 Special

    Has anyone asked Bob Rozakis, the real Answer Man, if this Answer Man was an inside nod to him?

    No one stands out on a 1970s college campus more than a middle-aged guy in a black suit and fedora – not even a superhero with a yellow cape.

    Black Lightning – theme from “Welcome Back, Kotter”

    I like Black Lightning, and this was a good re-introduction to the character. Thanks to my wife who will have channels like Rewind TV running in the background, I read Linc’s lines in Boom-Boom’s voice.

    It’s a decent story, despite the 70s slang and the “Haitian voodoo” stereotype. I do like Pat Broderick’s artwork. His run on Firestorm a few years after this was one of my favorites.

    Another fun episode. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Hello there, I’ve just made a vegetarian Moroccan Spiced Aubergine and Lentil Stew and it is stew-pendous, so I’m bringing the extra to the barbecue.

    I agree the cover is not good this time, the way Batman and the Sensei are crossing looks really, really weird, Talia is the best thing on that cover, and I hate Talia, she’s DC (other) answer to Mantis.

    I didn’t read the Batman story again this month because it’s Denny O’Neil and his boring League of Assassins guff yet again. There should at least have been a big surprinted Kathy Kane in the final panel, which should have been a splash page.

    Actually Shawn, there is an excellent collection of Legends of the Batman in the UK, part of the DC Heroes and Villains Collection from Hachette, issue 32. And it does indeed include some other great tales (and one from 2014…). Namely:

    (The Untold Legend of the Batman #1-3, July-September 1980)

    From Detective Comics #457 (March 1976)

    From Detective Comics #500 (March 1981)

    From Secret Origins of the World’s Greatest SuperHeroes (March 1990)

    From Detective Comics #27 (March 2014)

    You also get an intro, outro and other feature material, all in glorious hardback for £9.99. There a few copies going cheap on eBay.

    I quite like the Tales of Gotham City story. It reminded me of those Just a Story shorts we’s get in Justice League Super-Spectaculars, the message was just that things aren’t always as bad as they could be.

    I loved the Bob Smith info, these features are one of the best parts of the show.

    i want to be a three time guest too, but you’re probably all booked up. Just pencil me in for Superman Family Feud.

  9. Great show, Bat Cousins and Siskoid and other brilliant guest. Riveting shovel talk and I learned some French… But have since forgotten it. As always, it was great being part of the show. It’s hard to make a four man booth work in sports, but it was brilliant when discussing Bat things.

  10. Thanks for all those sub ads, Isamu! Some of them I have NEVER seen before, how is that possible?!?

    It always seemed odd to me that BATMAN FAMILY was used for characters who were most definitely not part of the family–Black Lightning, Odd Man and soon Red Tornado–when the more all-purpose WORLD’S FINEST was right there. On the flip side, you’ve got a Green Arrow Hostess ad, and I could picture his solo strip fitting a lot more in FAMILY.

    Finally, I love the chaotic nature of this issue’s cover–usually Giordano was spot on with this stuff, but this has a slightly MAD magazine feel to it–people just coming in from all directions, seemingly disconnected from any sense of gravity. Love it.

    Brett Young is quickly becoming the Regis Philbin of BFR. You can decide for yourself what I mean by that.

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