Batman Family Reunion – Episode #5 Gallery

What a great rescue, Babs!  Makes me dizzy though!

Dynamic scene by Curt - and you have to love flying out on the wrecking ball! Miley Cyrus would be proud!

Hitchhiking can be dangerous!  Hope those booties are reinforced!

Now we get the double flip!  And the boot release! But calm down there, Robin!

As Shawn says, dogs are the greatest creation on this earth!  Look how sad Robin is to see Ace in distress! 

That tool bag makes a great mask!


I will just tie a few hundred buckets to the paddle wheel while the rest of the ship burns...

I always wanted to go to a museum with a giant traffic cop!

Professional art this is NOT!

AND FINALLY - Here is Shawn's New Look For Robin as mentioned in the Listener Feedback section!

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