Batman Family Reunion #6 – Gallery

Issue 6 - DC Salutes the Bicentennial!

Cool poster splash page!

Babs rocking the 70s Cowgirl fashion!

Better get changed fast!

Hmmmmm.... We are stumped!

Ah the famous Hudson Unispan!

Get those golden arrows, Jervis!

LOVE the Jury!

We want to see that hairpin in the Batcave!


Paul did not have enough to get the belt buckle in 1976...  🙁

But in 2022 he got one!

And now, the final page from Detective 369, that was NOT reprinted in Batman Family #2!  Catwoman is NOT happy!

And here is Shawn's favorite cereal!

Liz Anne Oswalt - her Robin design! Thanks for sharing Liz Anne!

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