Batman Family Reunion – Coming in January!

Coming 0n January 5th to the Fire and Water Podcast Network — The Batman Family Reunion! Get ready to join your hosts Shawn M. Myers and Paul Kien as they take you through one of their favorite Bronze Age comic series – The Batman Family! Starring Batgirl & Robin and other members of the Batman Family, the series reintroduced Batwoman, gave us the Joker’s Daughter and the Man-Bat/Jason Bard detective team, and put Alfred through the ringer again as the Outsider!

Paul and Shawn invite you, their bat-kinfolk, to read along, and help them review all the stories, discuss the ads and special features, and take a look at what other comics were hitting the spinner rack at that time.  All while serving the best potato salad in Gotham!

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4 responses to “Batman Family Reunion – Coming in January!

  1. Really looking forward to this! Batman Family was one of the first comics I bought when I was very young, and I bought it pretty regularly. I liked the Batgirl & Robin team-ups in these issues as well as many of the other features.

  2. Cool looks like fun. Sorry to here Chris and Ryan will be on break. But, …it’s a Ryan Podcast so that’s expected. :D. Sorry had to make the joke. Still a Bats family podcast could be cool.


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