Catch Up Days! This Monday, Tuesday & Thursday!

This week the FIRE & WATER PODCAST NETWORK is proud to present, “CATCH UP DAYS”!!

We’re taking a few much needed days off this week. No new shows on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. … I know you are thinking … WHAT?!?!? How will you survive without new content every single day?!?!

Think of this as our gift to you. So what should you do with all this extra time? Glad you asked! Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Catch up on all the great FIRE & WATER PODCAST NETWORK content you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet!
  2. Listen to the amazing podcasts produced by friends of our Network! Check out our website and the “Friends of the Network” links in the right hand sidebar! Tons of fantastic shows out there!
  3. Go Mother’s Day Shopping. Geez, you’ve only got a few days left. You’re a sorry excuse for a child/husband.
  4. Read some comics!
  5. Finally finish writing that LONELY HEARTS ROMANCE COMICS PODCAST fan fiction you’ve been working on.
  6. Buy some Bob Dylan music on iTunes!
  7. Read some James Robinson STARMAN comics and listen to the STARMAN CHRONICLES episodes of the SUPER MATES Podcast!
  8. Move out of your parent’s basement!
  9. Get ready for STAR WARS May the Fourth by cutting your hair into a Padawan Braid.
  10. Listen to the entire back catalog of the HERO POINTS PODCAST (don’t worry, that won’t take long).
  11. Watch some of those amazing movies you’ve heard about on the FILM & WATER PODCAST!
  12. Buy some FISHNETS and try out your Black Canary or Zatanna cosplay. Don’t send us photos… unless you’re hot.
  13. Or send us feedback on past FIRE & WATER PODCAST NETWORK episodes! We’d love to hear from you!

Deep breaths. Don’t worry, we’ll resume our normal bombarding of content next week!

CATCH UP DAYS from The Fire and Water Podcast Network. Our gift to you! Now don’t say we never gave you anything!

6 responses to “Catch Up Days! This Monday, Tuesday & Thursday!

  1. As someone who listens to podcasts on long drives, I am appalled by your suggestions 3 & 11 as alternate options. Are you trying to kill me????

    1. Not sure what you mean, Paul. You can make comments on this post. Did the page eat a comment? Or are you just feeling lonely and unloved?

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