Cheers Cast 1.07: Friends, Romans, and Accountants

CHEERS Season 1, episode 7: “Friends, Romans, and Accountants”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Paul Spataro from Two True Freaks.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.07: Friends, Romans, and Accountants

  1. My sister was obsessed with the North and South mini-series of the 80s, based on the book series. It starred a young Patrick Swayze as the Confederate protagonist, and James Reed as his Union counterpart. I always think of him from that, a few years after this. And as Jimmy Olsen’s dad, of course!

    I don’t recall seeing this episode, but it definitely sounds like then ending would sound the alarms today. But at least Cheers isn’t like, say, Three’s Company or something. I bet that show doesn’t hold up at all nowadays!


  2. Shelley had to work so hard on that charades bit. It was basically a monologue in the middle of a blank-faced crowd. Excellent stuff.

    I don’t want to dig too much into the ending, but a crazy thought, it’s amazing the censors didn’t have a problem with a scene like this. Back then, it was a struggle to let Sam say “Damn”. But assault? Wow. That’s almost more telling how times have changed.

    And hats off to the actors that carried Norman Caesar. Hey, George is a big guy. Hope they got hazard pay.

  3. I listened to this to get away from the news of politicians not giving credence to a woman’s claims of assault. It didn’t work.

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