Cheers Cast 1.09: Coach Returns to Action

CHEERS Season 1, episode 9: “Coach Returns to Action”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest J. David Weter from Two True Freaks.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.09: Coach Returns to Action

  1. Too bad Nina didn’t return, because then Bull could have just walked over from Night Court and they could have had a poignant reunion…10 years before they were Harvey and “GRAAAAACCCCEEEE” (you’ve got to say it like Richard Moll).

    Fun episode!


  2. I feel like the Cheers writers were burning through big ideas pretty quickly this first season (maybe assuming they wouldn’t get a second?). Sam finally striking out with a woman, and then in turn disappointing the regulars, could have been the big hook for an episode, instead here it’s a B plot to the main action.

  3. “You’re under arrest!” That bit is fantastic! Watching Diane’s face as it goes from surprise to shock to horror to outrage in seconds, with an uncharacteristic anger at Coach. But still gets laughs, because the audience knows it’s a misunderstanding. Just hilarious!

    Totally agree about the weather being an important factor in this episode. For most sitcoms, including Cheers, the weather can seem almost constant all year round except for Christmas episodes with the “so much snow/will it snow” tropes. I’ll have to pay closer attention while rewatching to see if that’s so with Cheers after all.

    And let’s hear it for that beer slide to Norm. Always loved that bit. But the most famous beer slide, and one of my favorite episodes, is the very next one. Can’t wait!

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