Cheers Cast 1.10: Endless Slumper

CHEERS Season 1, episode 10: “Endless Slumper”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Neil Daly from Reverb Nation.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.10: Endless Slumper

  1. Boy, I’m glad I saved my comments until I listened to the full episode. I was about to rattle off an angry tirade about Jor-El and Superman Beyond! Siskoid may take issue with you not mentioning Christopher McDonald’s famous TNG guest spot, though…

    Personally, I always think of him as Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore, and this immortal exchange:

    McGavin: “I eat pieces of $#!+ like you for breakfast!”
    Gilmore: “You eat pieces of $#!+ for breakfast?”

    Yes, I like the early Adam Sandler movies. Don’t judge me.

    This sounds like a great episode. Heartfelt, without venturing into the schmaltzy “very special” episode category. I really need to catch up on both Cheers and MASH. If you ever wanted to have a permanent co-host, I wouldn’t stray too far from the family tree. You guys have a great chemistry on-air.
    Now I gotta go find that video of Ryan rolling down a hill in a bathrobe!


  2. Never thought about it, but Ryan’s guess that this was an episode held for later makes sense. Cheers liked to maintain a loose 1-1 relationship with the calendar, so having a baseball-season episode during Winter suggests this was aired out of order.

    And for a very dramatic episode, the whole Yoga bit was an early season highlight, and a great example of how the show knew just how many laughs they could wring from a premise before moving on.

    Enjoyed the Daly Double act!

  3. A real punch in the gut, this one. I almost wish the facial tic stuff wasn’t in there, as it’s a really silly element compared to the real crux of the episode.

  4. I was 14 when this episode aired, and even though I wasn’t a sophisticated viewer (still ain’t), I knew it was special. I consider this one of my top 5 favorites of the series. Not the season, the series.

    There’s no doubt this was Sam’s story, and Ted did a fabulous job. But that final scene might not have been as gripping without Shelley’s performance. She’s the face of the audience. You can feel her thinking “No Sam, don’t do it”. And then the huge relief on her face after the final bar slide. That’s why we applaud. Because we feel what she’s feeling. Amazing work.

    I also like how the writers set up the bar slide/bottle cap relation. Maybe it’s obvious, but I love it. When Sam does the first slide, Cliff’s beer isn’t poured from the tap, but from a bottle. Why? It’s just “a beer”, no specific brand requested. But it’s all for the setup. If Sam does bar slides from the tap, there’s no bottle cap to keep at the end. So only doing the slide from bottles gets us viewers ready for the new cap. Excellent.

    But I do have to gush about Ted’s performance too. The hilarious yoga confusion scene. Telling Rick about his bottle cap and just casually pulling it out of his pocket. The strained reluctance to let Rick borrow it. “Still hurts.” Admitting the truth to Diane. His panic knowing the bottle cap is gone. The twist ending. It’s an incredible study in acting from beginning to end.

    Looking forward to another installment of the Daly Show, gentlemen!

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