Cheers Cast 1.15: Father Knows Last

CHEERS Season 1, episode 15: “Father Knows Last”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Tom Panarese from Pop Culture Affidavit.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.15: Father Knows Last

  1. It never seemed odd to me that Carla found Marshall attractive. Over the course of the series, she went after Sam (and other athletes), Bennett Ludlow, Nick Tortelli, John Hill, etc.–she seems to have a sort of omnivorous sexual appetite.

    That said, it was quite strange that the show would have developing background story lines like this. They must have been confident that their audience, while small, was paying attention enough to pay this off effectively without having to do a “To Be Continued” tag at the end.

    Always nice to hear Tom on a show!

  2. Your discussion about how Ted Danson was constantly doing things that looked like he was working behind the bar, reminds me of an anecdote I read in one of George Burns’ books. When he and Gracie Allen adapted their radio show for television, they always needed to find something for Gracie to do in her scenes. She didn’t consider herself an actor, so she wasn’t going to be able to pretend to do things during a scene. She had to actually do the “thing.” When you watch the show, she isn’t acting that she’s making coffee, or washing the dishes, she is really making coffee or washing the dishes. Danson, as Sam, is cleaning glasses that are already clean. Long, as Diane, is filling bowls with pretzels that won’t be eaten. Wendt, as Norm, is drinking something that isn’t beer, and pretending to enjoy it. That’s acting!

  3. You guys did a great job covering this episode. It has some very memorable bits. Diane pulling Carla’s hair, which is always a great contradiction of the “civilized” Diane. Cliff walking in on the “neck” demonstration, and later seeing him dazed at the bar. Sam threatening to marry Carla, just to have it not work and Carla say “I have my veil in the car.” I wouldn’t rank it super high, but it’s a solid episode all the way.

    And that final bit singing “You’ll never walk alone.” I must have heard this song sometime before this episode, but it didn’t register then. Much later when I really watched Carousel as an adult, it all clicked, and becomes a more powerful moment watching this episode. There’s also something telling about Carousel featuring a fairly unlikable carny coming to a bad end, but wanting to see his child from the great beyond, where here we have unscrupulous Carla deceiving Marshall about her child and scummy Nick doesn’t know it’s his child. It doesn’t parallel Carousel, but there’s some shared themes of bad choices and how it affects the next generation.

    Or maybe I should just have some little goldfish crackers.

  4. All Carla centric episodes are penned by Heide Perlman. there’s no greater example of nepotism.

    PS, these podcasts are great.. but.. please.. lets have more. I’m sure you realise that one every two weeks will take you TEN YEARS to get through all the seasons. Please can you drop down the time of each one, and release one a week instead? Perhaps have two of 30-35 minutes instead of one that lasts an hour?

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