Cheers Cast 1.18: No Contest

CHEERS Season 1, episode 18: “No Contest”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest the Irredeemable Shag from Justice League International: Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast, as well as a cameo appearance by the Precocious Princess.

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7 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.18: No Contest

  1. In a shocking turn of events, I am going to strongly disagree with Shag when he said this episode was mostly fluff and didn’t have anything meaningful to say.

    If anything, I think this episode gets to the core of Diane, and what made her such a well rounded character. She has her beliefs, but in moments of weakness she crumbles, and then feels bad about said crumbling afterwards. Who can’t relate to that?

    Pretty amazing that a local barmaid contest is able to give away a week long vacation for 2 to Bermuda. That’s a hell of a prize!

    Very much enjoyed hearing Shag’s daughter on the show. Ryan, next time just book her.

  2. I like how the Princess wasn’t nearly as enthused as Shag made her out to be… or more likely, she WAS as enthused as Dad thought, but she wasn’t going to let HIM know that. I know kids.


  3. I did like how you guys summarized this episode. It’s all a build up leading to Dianne’s moment winning the Bermuda trip, but the build-up was necessary for the final moment to pay off. But it’s not like I minded. There’s plenty of good moments along the way to make the trip fun.

    Do you think they had to turn the audio down on Shelley, for fear of her causing permanent hearing damage to the audience, cast members, TV viewers, the entire state of Illinois, etc.? Just awesome.

  4. Not that I am not a fan of Cheers and the Cheers Cast, but my favorite part of this episode was listening to the Irredeemable Shag and the Precocious Princess. Having my own middle school daughter, I can say I have had many discussions with her that sounded much the same. I was enthusiastic about the subject and she…not so much. Not that my daughter isn’t interested, she just doesn’t like to show excitement for the things I love. I think she believes it would only encourage me and she surely doesn’t want that.
    As for the actual Cheers episode. It was a pretty decent one, but I think that last line was key. From that point on, there seemed to be more overt flirting between Diane and Sam.

  5. Great episode, great guest, great guest of the guest!

    On the Taxi connections, I have a vague memory of watching a late night Taxi rerun many years ago and seeing Ted Danson guest as an arrogant trendy hair dresser that gives Elaine a ridiculous haircut. That happened right, not a fever dream or hallucination?

    Anyway, enjoying the show very much and watching along on Netflix as you go. Looking forward to the next one!

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