Cheers Cast 1.20: Someone Single, Someone Blue

CHEERS Season 1, episode 20: "Someone Single, Someone Blue"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Jonathan and Maggie Schaefer-Hames from the Married With Comics Podcast.

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6 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.20: Someone Single, Someone Blue

  1. This is probably one of my least favorite episodes of SSN 1, just because the premise is so outlandish. Still, Glynis John’s performance is wonderful and very funny, which helps put the whole thing across. The show would touch on this only briefly, but it’s interesting that Diane consciously chose to reject the lifestyle to which she was born into, which I assume is some kind of comment on the idle rich. Diane wants something different than that, and she works so hard to make herself part of that world, but as we’ll see over the years she never quite gets there.

    Still, a lot of funny gags here and I enjoyed hearing Jonathan and Maggie on the show!

  2. And I’ve said this before, on other podcasts, but I wonder what it must be like to do a movie or TV show with someone who had previously appeared in something legendary. Case in point, I imagine everyone peppered Glynis Johns for Mary Poppins anecdotes, though I bet a lot of us nerds would ask her about Batman.

  3. Glynis Johns also has another comic-to-film credit. She was in one of the best segments of Amicus’ Vault of Horror anthology film. She almost always plays some variation on the stuffy (but somewhat ditzy) well-to-do type. Her role In VoH puts a nice twist on her usually pleasant demeanor. Not quite as much as The Ref, though!


  4. Even if they didn’t tie the knot, I still think they pushed the Sam-Diane relationship too far in this one. Still, worth the price of admission for “I heard they wrote their own vows.” and Coach’s bit about the guy who lived his entire life in the bar.

  5. Wow! No memory of the “gotta get married” plot, or the mom from Mary Poppins guesting; maybe Sam eyeing a girl and Diane taking him to task, but that may be from the Barmaid of the Year; what I’ve remembered is the “Red” because he read a book joke these thirty-some years! I just love Coach, or, as we call him, “Louis Armstrong. “

  6. “Hey, an hour ago, I’m in the tub!” Oh Cliff, so classy.

    Yes, the “must get married” story was goofy, but also only worked in the first season. Once their on-again-off-again status begins, this story would be even harder to pull off. At this point, there’s only flirting, so it’s silly, but avoids any real problems between Sam and Diane.

    Thank you for crediting Shelley’s double-take-bug-eyed leer. Love it!

    A little disappointed there was no dice rolling in the podcast, but Jon and Maggie are great guests. Glad to hear them on the show.

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