Cheers Cast 2.05: Sumner Returns

CHEERS Season 2, episode 5: “Sumner Returns”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest John Trumbull from SNL Nerds!

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7 responses to “Cheers Cast 2.05: Sumner Returns

  1. The temptation to bring back Sumner more often must have been strong, because Michael McGuire crushed the part in every episode he appeared in.

    I like the episodes that give Sam an extra dimension to his intelligence, when in later seasons he was more of a straight up dummy. As a guy with a lot of expertise in seduction, he can sense when another guy is trying to do the same, while Diane, for all her intelligence, is blind to such maneuvers. At least when it comes to someone she really looks up to, like Sumner.

    BTW, for this episode to have been really accurate, Cliff would have told Sam to read JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #200.

  2. On the way Coach’s humor is constructed and delivered, I was watching a Burns & Allen movie this week (A Damsel in Distress, with Fred Astaire) and Gracie’s jokes are just like that. Her persona is dim, but in her case, almost willfully obtuse, and will always misunderstand or literalize a turn of phrase for comic effect. Was Gracie Coach’s mom? #HeadCanon

    1. I cannot express how much I love this ‘Coach as Gracie Allen’s illegitimate son’ idea. I say ‘illegitimate’ because Nicholas Colasanto was born in 1924 and Gracie didn’t marry George Burns until 1926.
      I had never put it together, but you are right, Siskoid. Coach’s delivery may be different, but the way he thinks is very Gracie-like. He is also always well-meaning in the way he deals with people.

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Gracie Allen was a character who was a literalist, but seemed like a surrealist. Dennis Day of the Jack Benny Show was a similar type of character. The successful writers for those characters could find that little nugget in a conversation and develop it into a sustained gag. Nicholas Colasanto was, like Allen and Day, a master at that delivery.

  3. I really like the observation that Frazier is like Sumner, but with more warmth and someone the viewers can empathize with. McGuire is phenomenal in the role, but for me, he’s a character that’s only palatable as on occasional foil. And if he’d appeared more often, there would have been no room for a character like Frazier. So it all worked out in my opinion.

    “There’s a movie?!” Hilarious closing. But. Why didn’t Cliff tell Sam to try the Cliff’s Notes version? Seriously, of all people to know about Cliff’s Notes, it would be Cliff! Gotta be much less than 4 ounces.

    This podcast is still winning. Thank you guys!

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