Cheers Cast 2.06: Affairs of the Heart

CHEERS Season 2, episode 6: "Affairs of the Heart"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Gene Hendricks from Class 1000: A Marvel Super Heroes Live RPG.

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12 responses to “Cheers Cast 2.06: Affairs of the Heart

  1. The Lefty Carter run is one of my favorite bits of the series.

    Not to read too much into it, but I think the reason the gang gets so lost in their reverie is that to all of them that probably represents “the good old days” (esp for Sam and Coach) so when they have a chance to talk about baseball, they jump into the pool neck deep. Now with Diane around they are being dragged kicking and screaming into being “better people” and engaging in “culture” and all that boring stuff.

    I am not into prequels, either in movies or TV, but man I think a Cheers prequel series set in Coach and Sam’s baseball days could be a lot of fun. All that 60s and 70s period flavor, etc.

    Fun show! Ryan seemed to be giggling at everything, I get the sense this was recorded late at night.

  2. My favorite bit from the episode came from John Ratzenberger. When Norm suggests they ask Carla to look over on the next pillow and count the dead people, Cliff nods and points at Norm. It’s like Cliff thinks this is a logical and rational idea. Gets me every time.

  3. Another great bit is near the end.
    Hank: “Maybe if we didn’t get too wild.”
    Carla: “Are you kiddin’? I’ve almost killed off guys with good pumps!”

    Not to get down on the Hank character further, but it can’t be overlooked that he told Coach about his “terrible problem” and NOT Carla, AND asked Coach not to tell anyone else. Yeesh! Also, not a great moment for Coach, but he’s in the bad position of breaking a promise or hurting a friend, which is rough for an honorable guy like him. In the end, nah, he shoulda told Carla. Hurts me to say, cuz I love Coach tons.

    Another great show, Ryan!

    1. Oh, but I can’t forget my favorite part! Sam and Carla in his office. That was a hilariously realistic way for a short woman to take down a guy much bigger than her. The choreography was expertly designed, and both actors really sold the scene. Love love love!

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