Cheers Cast 2.12: Where There’s a Will

CHEERS Season 2, episode 12: “Where There’s a Will”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Rick Heinichen from Jeff and Rick Present: Unpacking the Power of Power Pack.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 2.12: Where There’s a Will

  1. You didn’t mention it, so I will: George Gaynes was hilarious in TOOTSIE, and he’s great here. So he was certainly a very capable comedic actor, who I guess needed to make a boat payment when he said yes to the Police Academy series.

    Like I mentioned on the episode I was on, “The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One”, this is another one of those little short story-type shows, really a morality tale that just happens to be set in the bar. I like how dark they allow the barflies to get, and that ending is classic. This is one of my all time fav episodes of the series.

  2. I’m a sucker for a morality play, so I love this episode. The extremes are what make it work, even with its problems. Carla, Norm, Cliff, and the barflies greed. Dianne and Sam trying to be the voices of reason. Sam’s turn at the end. It’s just a delightful ride.

    Now I left out someone. Coach. He was roped into getting Malcolm back, because “you all trust Coach.” And as I recall, Coach didn’t outwardly seem to join the greed mob. He went along to help them, because Coach is helpful. But I never felt like he cared about the money for himself. Coach is the Switzerland of this story.

    I don’t think we see Sam do magic ever again, which is a shame, cuz Danson is pretty darn good. A little detail which might have been my mind playing tricks on me. When he flips the match into his mouth, I swear he blows smoke out THRU HIS NOSTRILS! If I’m wrong, I don’t care, that’s awesome!

    Sorry I’m too far behind for the Cliffy’s Mailbag, but is anyone surprised? Of course not.

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