Cheers Cast 3.05: Sam Turns the Other Cheek

CHEERS Season 3, episode 5: “Sam Turns the Other Cheek”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Paul Spataro from Two True Freaks.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.05: Sam Turns the Other Cheek

  1. I guess the most dated bit for me is the whole “women and what they drive us men to do” bit, which I know is coming out of a very jealous man’s mouth and another who’s just trying to talk him down, but you can’t void responsibility for your actions because women.

    As for my interpretation of Sam’s “we were all hurt by this”, I took it to mean, that maybe he had feelings for this woman and she betrayed him (and ultimately put him in this dangerous position), and she was hurt because she wanted to be with Sam and he denied her, however we feel about his reasons. So yes, everyone was hurt, but the underlying suggestion is that the first harm was this marriage in which she felt trapped.

  2. This episode had many parts that don’t hold up to scrutiny, but I admit to actively trying not to think about them. A big one is just Sam’s reaction when he’s shot, because he should not be that stoic. Some very censored words should have been said. But, his reaction was very much the TV trope, and Danson was hilarious at it. So it’s all good.

    And speaking as someone who has done a fair share of karate kicks, it was impressive in how badly it was done and the incredible effort Ted put into it. He really sold me on how much that hurt. Just ow.

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