Cheers Cast 3.07: Coach in Love Part 2

CHEERS Season 3, episode 7: “Coach in Love Part 2”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Jon Thurmond from The HR Social Hour Podcast.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.07: Coach in Love Part 2

  1. The only reason I know anything about Corfu is that I watched the Masterpiece Theater series “The Durrells in Corfu.” It’s an autobiographical story about a widow and her four children moving from England to Corfu in the mid-1930s. They make the move because the family is experiencing financial problems and the cost of living is much lower in Corfu. In that respect, the Pensacola analogy may have some applicability. Or perhaps not, since Cheers isn’t set in the 1930s.

    Thanks for another excellent episode, gentlemen.

  2. When I first watched this episode, I was right with you, Ryan. I wanted to know who was actually calling. I mean, I got it. I understood why they didn’t reveal it. But I didn’t like ambiguous endings. Ever. I realize it was my immaturity as a consumer, having the same expectation for all stories that I had from my superhero cartoons. And this was me as a teenager! Now as I’m older and more matu-nah-just-older, I actually love this subtlety, and even appreciate that it still unsettles me. I crave it taking me out of my comfort zone. So kudos to the Cheers writers for pushing me as a viewer.

    And yes, the opening recap bits are hilarious! But why has Norm never talked about his dog? The only hint we had that Norm liked dogs was the “attack dog” plot from Season 2. So why hasn’t he mentioned his obviously beloved pooch? Oh wait! Dogs are the natural enemy of mailmen! Never mind. Mystery solved.

    Delightful episode as always!

  3. I’m going to disagree with the opening recap comments. Up til now, they’ve been clever, but this one goes on tooooo long and repeats a lot of information along the way. I get that for a Cheers nerd, there’s background info there, but it just felt to me like the episode was running short and they padded out the recap to excessive lengths. Still makes me want to hear a laugh track over the recaps, because the dead air is deafening.

    But I agree with everything else you said.

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