Cheers Cast 3.08: Diane Meets Mom

CHEERS Season 3, episode 8: “Diane Meets Mom”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Brandon Davis from the Front Row Network.

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11 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.08: Diane Meets Mom

  1. I was so surprised Norm would have a tattoo on his butt, I misheard it. But no, I checked back and it was a mole he had removed. Hey, sometimes those things can become a problem.

    So no tats for Norm. I would have wanted to know the story behind THAT.

  2. Hester Crane’s abrupt death threat and Diane’s speechless horror really sell this episode. I’m convinced I only laugh at those moments because the show is a comedy. If it was a drama, my reaction would have been totally different. Likewise with Diane asking “Am I crazy” to Sam’s sincere “yes”. Excellent stuff!

  3. The line by Frasier, “That wasn’t a health club you were running there” in response to how different he looked from years earlier is from the episode of Frasier where Sam visits, and makes the remark about how similar Niles looks like how Frasier did years ago. Not on Cheers proper.

  4. Also FWIW, Frasier did retcon what was the established Martin Crane backstory in that Sam episode, pretty much boiled down to Frasier made it all up!

    Still never quite reconciled this version of Hester with what we‘d learn from the Cranes and that episode with Rita Wilson as Hester in Frasier’s mind. So maybe this was just a ploy to get this lunatic away from her son!

    Though considering Lilith and later Maris, it’s clear the ploy never quite worked!

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