Cheers Cast 3.09: An American Family

CHEERS Season 3, episode 9: “An American Family”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Rob Kelly from the Fire and Water Network.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.09: An American Family

  1. The DH rule starts in 1973, which Wikipedia suggests as the beginning of Sam’s career. But with only one championship, he would have likely have had only a tiny handful of away games to be at bat, if any. (He would have been a good use for the double switch as a relief pitcher.) So it’s impossible for him to have had a small non-zero batting average unless Wikipedia is wrong and he was called up from the minor leagues in ’72.

    Or they were talking about his minor league batting average, when he might have been a starter. But were those stats even available back then?

  2. If there’s one thing Coach takes seriously, it’s baseball. Look back to the “Manager Coach” episode for a very un-Coach-like version of Coach. So his acerbic reaction to Sam’s batting average wasn’t too surprising.

    There was a little discussion about meeting Carla’s kids, and I have to remember that only a few have significant parts in any episodes, but there are a couple of times when all of the kids have a cameo (without spoiling it, the one that jumps to mind also has Nick), plus all of the kids are in The Tortellis. And since that show was mentioned so much, it kind of contradicts this episode, because its premise is Anthony moving in with Nick and Loretta. Maybe Carla was more ready to let him go by then?

    Sam’s discomfort during Carla’s and Nick’s fight was so good. I love his exasperated “would anyone mind if *I* went into my office?!” Love it.

    Great podcast as always, R&R!

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