Cheers Cast 5.06: Tan ‘N’ Wash

CHEERS Season 5, episode 6: “Tan 'N' Wash”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Marlene Stemme from Norm! A Cheers Podcast.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.06: Tan ‘N’ Wash

  1. I do believe we had a laundromat/sun tanning +Arcade/pool room here as well. In the 90s anyway. You gotta have something to do while you wait!

    I’ve never used tanning technology, so I don’t know if they named their machines. The Bahama Mama is a signature drink at a restaurant chain on this side of the border, don’t know about you or if the name has some older origin.

  2. Great discussion. I’d pick Woody’s fiduciary line as the best gag. Also I like when Sam, Diane, Cliff, and Carla run outside to play in the snow and then we can see their feet jumping up and down on the sidewalk. It’s so funny and absurd to imagine these grownups are outside jumping in the snow. Not a significant or consequential episode but a fun one nonetheless.

  3. I think that it’s reasonable to believe that Diane’s treatment this season is indeed vindictiveness from the writers room: they’re going to do it again, whenever a supporting cast member leaves by choice, in fact. Eddie Labeck and Lilith come to mind, utter character assassinations on the way out.

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