Cheers Cast 5.07: Young Dr. Weinstein

CHEERS Season 5, episode 7: “Young Dr. Weinstein”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Brandon Davis from the Front Row Network.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.07: Young Dr. Weinstein

  1. Re; the discussion of the friendship of Sam and Fraser–for Sam, it’s all of the upside he has with Diane, none of the downside. Sam–almost despite himself–aspires to be smarter, and he gets that from being friends with Fraser, but because there’s no romantic component, Fraser doesn’t drive Sam insane the way Diane does. And Fraser gets to be the “regular guy” he sometimes aspires to be. So while on paper they are a mismatch, it’s really a perfect friendship.

    IMO, this is the rare episode that takes place primarily outside the bar that I think really works.

    Always enjoy Brandon on the show!

  2. God I love the ending of the B plot. It’s perfect. “Sashay your way to the Colonel” is a beautifully written and performed line.

  3. So I didn’t get invited on this one despite having a French cuisine chef as an uncle, and my dad once owning a money-losing French cuisine restaurant?

    Good thing Brandon made it delicious.

  4. Fun episode. I agree this is as close to a classic Sam/Diane episode as we’ve seen so far this season; it’s reminiscent of earlier seasons in how they keep trying to one-up each other. Also, Sam trying to maintain the pretense of being a renowned heart surgeon when Diane says her date needs medical attention is classic. The B plot back at the bar was fun too. I think this may be the first time we get Woody’s signature crying like a little kid, which he would go on to do several times throughout the series. Woody also had my favorite line when Sam says he drank himself out of baseball and a marriage, and Woody responds, “Oh, I believe you were a drunk, I just didn’t know you were married.”

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