Cheers Cast 5.08: Knights of the Scimitar

CHEERS Season 5, episode 8: “Knights of the Scimitar”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Isabelle Eyre.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.08: Knights of the Scimitar

  1. It’s weird, I barely remember this episode. I’ve seen the entire run of CHEERS multiple times, but all the jokes and story beats you two discussed barely registered.

    That said, Isabelle was a great guest! I hope she returns. Maybe once SSN 5 is over a “Best of Diane” episode reviewing her years on the show?

  2. So I wasn’t invited on this episode despite being taller than Sam?

    You guys covered the heart of the episode quite well, but to comment on the Knights subplot, I have to wonder what this lodge is all about. Such clubs are about 2 things, as far as I understand:

    1. Networking, but they’ve outlawed it.
    2. Drinking away from their wives, and they’ve just outlawed it!

    Indeed a club who take Cliff as a member…

  3. Great podcast episode. Like Rob, I’ve watched all episodes of Cheers many times and lacked a distinct memory of this episode before rewatching it this week. I found the B plot enjoyable because it was more original than the A plot. Cliff getting Norm into a lodge was something we’d never seen before. The A plot was well acted by everyone but seemed largely derivative of prior Sam/Diane interactions.

    I enjoyed hearing your guest’s take on Diane. I’ve been rewatching Season One again recently, and the quality of writing for Diane as a character was so much better in those days than in Season Five. As you’ve discussed, she was the original POV character as the new person coming into the bar. Also, aside from Coach, Diane was by far the nicest person in the bar. She was never gratuitously cruel like Carla or apathetic toward others like Norm and Cliff could be. She always was well intentioned and tried to help people, even in Season Five, like in an upcoming episode where she was leading the other characters in supporting Norm when he got a new job. But for whatever reason, the writers by Season Five were mostly emphasizing Diane’s annoying traits, which seems sort of unfair to Shelly Long.


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