Cheers Cast 5.12: Dance, Diane, Dance

CHEERS Season 5, episode 12: “Dance, Diane, Dance”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Rob Kelly from the Fire and Water Network.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.12: Dance, Diane, Dance

  1. Great discussion by you and Rob. I like the theory about how Diane could have remained on the show by interacting with other characters without being Sam’s romantic interest. Her scenes with Woody last week and with Norm this week show a viable way that Diane could have remained a leading character. I liked her rare one-on-one scene with Norm; it reminded me of Sam’s similar scenes with Norm in the final episode of the series. Finally, I agree that Diane’s wistful look back at the dancers in the final shot was compelling. It seems part of a “what might have been” theme of Season Five that we also will see in the last episode of the season with respect to Sam and Diane’s relationship.

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