Cheers Cast 5.20: Dinner at Eight-ish

CHEERS Season 5, episode 20: “Dinner at Eight-ish”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Brandon Davis from the Front Row Network and Marlene Stemme from Norm! A Cheers Podcast.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.20: Dinner at Eight-ish

  1. Great discussion. I would say this is one of my all-time favorite episodes of Cheers, probably in my top five of the entire series. The chemistry among the main four actors is undeniable, and the writing is superb.

    While rewatching this episode, it occurred to me that this was actually the last time that we ever saw all four of these characters–Sam, Diane, Frasier, and Lillith–all together in the same episode. Lillith does not appear again until after Diane leaves the series, Lillith does not appear in the final episode of Cheers in which Diane comes back, and the four characters are never all together on the spinoff Frasier. (I’m not counting the appearances of the actors on the 200th episode special because they were not in character when the actors were on stage together.) That may be part of what makes this episode so special, because we will never get to experience this combination of characters again. It almost makes one ponder what might have been. You could imagine more episodes built around how these four characters interact.

    By the way, one of my favorite moments is how Sam reacts to Frasier and Lillith singing, “Our House.” Diane is excited, but you can tell Sam is thinking, “What the hell is happening here.” Usually on Cheers the intellectuals are outnumbered by the more ordinary people like Sam, Carla, Norm, and Cliff, but here, Sam is outnumbered, so it’s funny to see his muted reaction to what is unfolding around him.

  2. I don’t know WHERE I got the tic of starting to sing Our House when I hear those two words together. I thought it was from a parent – and it might be, but did THEY get it from this episode? Or did I all along? Anyway, it felt like unlocking a piece of my childhood to watch this episode.

    Is it me or do dinner parties bring out the best out of Cheers?

    For me the laugh-out-loud moment is Sam asking what they hell is in that dip, Danson’s delivery is great.

  3. That part where Lilith hurls the magazines at Frazier and just lets all of her emotions out and charges into the bathroom is fantastic, capped by the doorbell immediately ringing and Frazier’s look of horror. But Lilith losing her balance lives totally rent-free in my brain, because it *doesn’t* seem intentional! I believe Bebe fell, but was able to bounce back up solely to get her line out without missing a beat, not paying attention to her fall, whereas on purpose it wouldn’t have been a simple bounce or the line delivery would have reflected that action. Bebe’s just that much a pro, she kept on rolling. But that fall makes it visually gripping because it feels out of place, and shows Lilith being out of control, adding to the explosive emotions that erupt. I wonder if they did extra takes without the fall, but they didn’t resonate as much.

    This whole episode is a winner, without a doubt. In another universe, this was the spinoff show instead of The Tortellis. How amazing would that have been!

    Loved the discussion with the guests! Great job all around!

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