Cheers Cast 6.06: Paint Your Office

CHEERS Season 6, episode 6: “Paint Your Office”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Corey Moosa.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 6.06: Paint Your Office

  1. Big differences in interpretation between you guys and I… For one thing, I didn’t believe the flooded basement story for a second! How convenient. It sounded like a story Sam came up with to get Norm out of the way at some point during the night. Which is why he was so prepared. Why go through that trouble if you think Norm will be there all evening?

    Second, I also felt that Sam getting all suave while Rebecca was in the other room, while part of scheme, was not THE scheme. Which is to say that I think that after that little heart-to-heart, when she leaves to “change”, he really thought she was gonna come out in a nighty. That honesty (instead of whatever else “move” he intended to pull that night instead) worked and so he could move to phase 2, which is turn the night into a date. His foolishness made him hear Rebecca’s words the way he wanted to hear them, but in another context, that COULD have been a signal.

  2. I like your description of this as a Norm-centric episode that gets hijacked by Sam. I found the Norm-and-Rebecca friendship story more engaging than Sam’s part of the story. It’s nice to see this side of Norm where he is nice to Rebecca, which we’ll see again. I think the Sam stuff here was a little cartoonish.

    But it was interesting to hear the reference to Sam’s brother who was a big part (albeit offscreen) of the climax of season one. Also I could be wrong but I don’t remember Rebecca’s two brothers ever being mentioned again after this episode, but as you note we will see her father and her sister in later episodes.

    It’s awesome that Norm’s 500th beer is the one that Rebecca blocks. I’ve been following your tally and it seems like each season he’s just short of 100. But since we’re not quite to the halfway point of the series, it seems we might hit 1,000 by the end of the series.

    Finally I agree about how we can never quite tell if Woody is naive or is sometimes intentionally messing with people — as the series progresses it seems like the latter which is how I think Woody Harrelson chose to play it. I like how he does that because it makes his character more than just a younger version of Coach.

  3. One of my faves from this season. I love the Norm/Rebecca friendship. This was a very important (and effective) episode for Rebecca in her 1st year. I agree that Sam taking over kinds hurts it but he was the lead so I guess they felt they needed to give him something big to do.

    I also love Norm as a painter/later interior decorator. It’s nice seeing Norm happy and good at something other than drinking beers. Cliff’s unearned mocking of painting as a profession is odd considering his own very blue collar/manual labor job.

  4. Add me to the group that really loved the Norm and Rebecca part of this episode, as it’s another dynamic that wasn’t done in the Diane years. She had extremely few scenes alone with Norm, and the only story that involved them both was Diane trying to help Norm at work. But maybe the writers put a pin in that, to see if they could use it later. And yes, it’s a good way to link these two together in a non-romantic way.

    I also really enjoy George Wendt’s acting in these scenes, giving us a side of Norm we don’t normally get. He’s not the slacker barfly with a wisecrack at the ready. Rather he’s comfortable doing a job, sympathetic to Rebecca, and shows some genuine tenderness with her. Sure, Norm is everyone’s friend, but in a playful goofing around way. Here, he’s truly *being* a friend. Norm doesn’t do this much, and it was awesome to see. And the understated and brilliant follow-up with Rebecca saying “make it a beer, on the house.” Perfect touch. And we’ll see even more of their friendship in the future, oh it’s so good.

    Ok, Sam was a total creep in the final scene, but Rebecca’s exact line was oddly written. “I think I better change.” That’s a wide open statement without clarification. I mean, are we supposed to think in hindsight that she assumed Sam knew what she would be changing for? Or was something left out of the final script? Like “I’ll be leaving for the gym later.” But no, I couldn’t find anything to explain what she’d be changing for until she comes out in workout gear. Seems like a glaring omission.

    So mostly a great episode, but a little of a drop at the end. Excellent discussion, as always!

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