Cheers Cast Mailbag 2.2

Ryan Daly opens Cliffy’s mailbag to address listener feedback from episodes 2.13 through 2.22, and ranks all of the season 2 episodes in order of preference.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast Mailbag 2.2

  1. Ryan, after thoroughly enjoying the top-notch Secret Origins podcast you hosted, I followed you over to Cheerscast and have — up until this episode — considered it a very good show. Now, I wanted to take a moment just to say that it’s most certainly an EXCELLENT show. Keep it coming and I’ll keep listening. Stay safe!

  2. You were pretty thorough in that speech, Ryan, but I’ll add one. It’s not better for outsiders either, many of whom see the U.S. as less and less of a viable vacation spot, or place to go seek employment or refuge, or who are simply minding their own business elsewhere and getting anxiety attacks about what one of the super-powers is doing, whether it could affect them, or just affects their greater circle of friends on social media.

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