Citizen Kane Minute #10 – A Little Social Announcement

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #10 - A Little Social Announcement

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 45:00-50:00
  • Special Guest: Blogger Dr. Anj

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3 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #10 – A Little Social Announcement

  1. Of course my ears perked up when you talked about the potential Superman film of this era, and the “rumored” Batman film Welles was planning. Full disclosure, I never bought it, but my reason was the version I heard had Gregory Peck cast as Batman. That seemed just too perfect, since Peck had been David Mazzuchelli’s inspirational model for his Bruce Wayne in Batman: Year One. Someone was obviously being cheeky.

    I do know the Citizen Kane look inspired a lot of comic artists, including Bob Kane (who, knowing his ego, probably really dug the title of this film) and his studio and “ghosts” who worked on Batman in the Golden Age.


  2. I was 13 I’D just gotten a portable tv it was a friday I started watching sometime after two AM IT BLEW ME AWAY. I loved it! But it was the weekend so I had nobody to talk to about the great new movie i’d seen.
    So finally I get to school.
    EVERYBODY KNEW MORE ABOUT IT THAN i did. I was heart broken!

  3. Cheers for another great episode. I love Rob’s idea that whole Charlie was in Europe he could have been training to be Batman. And that was a great comment from Anj about Gene Tierney in Razor’s Edge – another movie with a US guy going to Europe as part of his personal development – making a great Selina Kyle

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