Citizen Kane Minute #13 – Cheap Crooked Politician

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #13 - Cheap Crooked Politician

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 1:00:00-1:05:00
  • Special Guest: Podcaster Daniel Budnik

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2 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #13 – Cheap Crooked Politician

  1. This series just keeps delivering, Rob!

    It is in this five minutes that the tragedy of Kane’s life really comes to the fore. He is simply unable to love something without also trying to control it, perhaps as a way to make sure it never abandons him. He tries to do this with Susan with his attempts to turn her into a world-class singer because doing so makes her more beholden to him and less likely to leave him (from Kane’s perspective at least). It could also be that Kane isn’t satisfied to be enchanted by Susan and her singing in their private meetings. Instead, he has to validate his enchantment by making her the greatest singer in the world, kind of like someone who needs to argue that their favorite movie is the best by any standard because it isn’t enough for them that they simply enjoy it personally.

    Well, I continue to delve into the depths of this film thanks to you, Rob. Another great episode!

  2. I found your anecdote about Ray Co!!ins being credited for an entire season while he was too ill to work interesting because it is the second story i have heard about ‘Perry Mason’ supporting actors when they were having a hard time.

    George Stone was a character actor mostly working as a Runyonesque henchman. He was in twenty or so best picture nominees in minor roles like ‘Toothpick Charlie’ in ‘Some Like It Hot’ His more substantial work was in ‘B’ pictures. His eyesight started a decline in the 50’s and he was almost completely blind by the end of the decade. The producers of ‘Perry Mason’ gave him the role of the court reporter in forty-four episodes over several years.
    Both collins and Stone worked in radio; Raymond Burr was a prolific radio actor. I assumed that he was referring old friends that he knew were good for jobs on his show.

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