Citizen Kane Minute #14 – More Than One Lesson

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #14 - More Than One Lesson

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 1:05:00-1:10:00
  • Special Guest: Podcaster Tom Panarese

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2 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #14 – More Than One Lesson

  1. Thanks for another great episode, I always enjoy Tom’s insights, and of course, Rob is the master host.

    As regards the recurring question, is this the greatest film of all time, I first saw Citizen Kane when I was 12 after Lucy Van Pelt spoilt the Rosebud business in Peanuts (cow!). And then I studied it in college, looking at the way it played with genre, technical possibilities and its place in the commercial context of then-contemporary Hollywood.

    So is it the greatest film of all time? I don’t have the breadth of knowledge to say yes or no, having seen only the most famous of foreign films (I’m expecting a guest spot on Sansho Dayu Minute…). But I do list it as a favourite, along with (how could I not?) The Best Years of Out Lives, The Haunting, West Side Story, Went the Day Well, Blithe Spirit… it’s certainly one of the most impressive of films. But because Welles basically created the film as a calling card to show Hollywood what he could do, it’s constantly jerking from genre to genre – I find it hard to get pulled into the film because I’m always waiting for that next trick. It’s like Rear Window – I enjoyed it loads more before I heard about the ten-minute take; what was previously an engrossing drama becomes a game of ‘spot the screen go black’.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Another great episode, Rob. Tom makes for a wonderful co-host as well. I especially appreciate Tom’s insights into the motivations of Gettys and how he handles removing Kane from the political landscape. As always, I’ve gotten some intriguing food for thought about this film. Thanks!

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