For All Mankind #9

Rob and Super Friends Chris Franklin and The Irredeemable Shag review “Three Ways To Kill A World” by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Bob Smith, from SUPER FRIENDS #9! Plus another segment of “For All Merchkind” and Listener Feedback!

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Opening and closing themes by Hanna Barbera.

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30 responses to “For All Mankind #9

  1. I find it interesting that the Little Mermaid’s last name is Påske. While this is not totally an uncommon name in Denmark it not completely common either and it means Easter. So I’m guessing she was given that as a last name because of the little mermaid of H. C. Andersen’s tale who turned to sea foam and then a sprit but whose can earn her own soul and rise to heaven if she continues to be selfless and help humans for the next 300 years.

  2. Much like Shagg, I’m experiencing these comics for the first time via this podcast. While the first few issues were out before I was reading comics, I was definitely into comics by the middle of the series. I LOVED the cartoon, and Spidey Super-Stories was regular reading for me, so I don’t know how I managed to miss this series. It’s possible I DID have an issue or two, and I just assumed they were issues of Justice League of America at that young age.
    Anyways, thanks for another great episode.
    For All Merch Kind
    Aquaman: “If you two don’t sit down, I’m gonna turn this buggy around and we’re going back to The Hall of Justice!”
    Batman: “You ain’t the boss of us! You’re lucky you’re even a part of this toy!”
    I have to say, I love the colors used on Batman on this toy. The dark grey and bright blue just looks amazing.

  3. I started my morning the right way, with this podcast!

    While I listen, I have my hardcover Super Friends collection near, so I can reference it, and I noticed two things with this three story arc.

    1. In the original comic, after Icemaiden defuses the bomb, Green Arrow exclaims, “Holy Hannah! Norwegian Blue pulled it off!” I guess that term is now considered rude/offensive, as in the reprint it now reads as, “Holy Hannah! Icemaiden pulled it off!”

    2. Regarding the red herring / Colonel Conquest chapter in issue #9, when everyone is back in JLA headquarters, they all realize their mistake. However, back in issue #7, it’s Marvin who says “I’ve spotted the probable locations on 7 continents and 5 islands.” So if Earth had been destroyed, it would’ve been Marvin’s fault. I think that would be reason enough to deny him graduation to hero status! Haha!

    This issue’s letter column with the explanation of the transition Wendy & Marvin to the Wonder Twins was nicely done. While not necessarily everyone’s faves, Wendy & Marvin did have fans, and in the letter column for issue #12, there was a letter from a fan who was very angry to have to say good-bye to them.

    Thanks for your hard work on these podcasts, I truly enjoy them!


    1. I”m glad you pointed out the “Norwegian Blue” comment, Chuck. I didn’t see that in the SF TPB either, and I had no idea what Rob was talking about, but I just rolled with it! I really need to find this original issue!


  4. Could be they just didn’t think people would get the joke. Maybe with the reprint they though all the people who would understand

    “Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!!”

    Or maybe just ” pining for the fjords”

      1. I mean it’s not impossible for it to be cheese as Scandinavia is known for blue cheeses but Norway is known more for its brunost (Carmelised brown cheese). And besides the next sketch over is out anyway.

        The chocolate blue cow for Stratos didn’t come around until 1982 so probably not.

      1. Yeah makes you wonder what first owned the shop 😉

        Actually it’s only speculation that it would’ve been in modern day Norway as the bone was found in Denmark (about a half hour drive from where my wife is from), but it makes sense. However since the color isn’t known it could have been a Danish Red and White

        1. I’m imagining a particularly intelligent and entrepreneurial Phenacodus.

          Yeah, I’m totally stretching the bird fossil story to connect it to the skit, but so was the biologist who found it, and so were the reporters who lapped it up, so I feel justified.

          1. Martin, I just looked them up to find out about these apparently brilliant and annoying birds. In the process, I learned for the first time that New Zealand has fiords. Wikipedia says Kea parrots are destructive in captivity — perhaps because they’re pining for the fiords?

  5. Thanks for another great episode guys and welcome to THIS podcast show, Shagg!

    Regarding the dour doomfilled desperation of the death panel on page 3 – I remember reading this issue when I was a kid and THAT panel really impressing upon me how important this mission was to the survival of the Earth!

    Disney came out with their version of The Little Mermaid in 1989. Even though I’m a HUGE Disney fan, it took me years to NOT think of Ulla Påske whenever the name came up. I think it’s interesting that her tail is positioned like a fish’s tail instead of the way a mermaid’s tail is usually drawn – what a nice design deTAIL!

    Of course I love the Olympian’s costume! He went to the same tailor as J’onn J’onzz and the New Teen Titans villain Houngan. It’s a great look and it must be VERY comfortable to walk around in a speedo and suspenders! It’s a look I approve of wholeheartedly! Can’t we shoehorn him into “OHOTMU Or Not”?

    I absolutley loved the Colonel Conquest cameo appearance. I don’t know of another instance in comics where the hero(s) just accidentally stumble across an evil doer. What a great twist!

    I loved the action packed panel on page 12 of the heroes fighting off the beasts so that Icemaiden can work on the bomb. That image is filled with such dynamic action and fantastic poses. Rob says that he waxes Ramona’s car and maybe that’s true but after seeing her beautiful work in this issue I volunteer to wash her dishes, clean her living room and vacuum the floor!

  6. I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a while. Ice was always one of my favorite characters during the Justice League International days. I knew then that “Icemaiden’s first appearance was in this issue but I didn’t know at that time that it was ultimately a very different character than the one I was accustomed to. I had learned of the difference between when Sigrid was reintroduced in Justice League America #97.

    What’s really sad about this early appearance of Icemaiden is that it’s the last we see of her in the series. It seems like comic creators preferred cold-based characters to be villains rather than heroes. (for a while anyway) Captain Cold, Mister Freeze, Killer frost….etc, etc.

  7. Another great podcast episode, and it was fun to hear Shagg join in on the fun.
    I too did not like this cover….I always thought a straight-forward battle royale of the JLA vs the creatures would have made a better cover, but, whatever.
    Also, these four Global Guardians are probably my least favorite of the bunch. Greek heroes have been done to death, Tasmanian Devil seemed like a cheap Colossal Boy or Apache Chief rip-off, and Little Mermaid seemed dull dull dull. Speaking of dull, there’s Ice Maiden, who is very clearly a Deus Ex Machina.
    On the other hand, I loved the climax where “the kids” take out Grax. Way to go, Wonder Marv! You certainly went out in a blaze of glory.
    Speaking of Wonder Marv, I believe it was established that Wonder Dog was HIS dog, so naturally they would stick together. Or stay at home while Marv went off to college. We saw Marv’s house in the episode of SF with the tiny aliens who could expand to human size, didn’t we? Or am I mis-remembering it?

    1. The moment I hit POST I had an idea….Tasmanian Devil should have been made an Aboriginal Australian and been modeled after Apache Chief. That would have been cool, and a whole lot less “white bread” than the majority of Global Guardian characters we got.

    2. Hello Russell,

      You are correct. In the episode “The Balloon People”, during the episode they were at Marvin’s house.

  8. Marvin punches out Grax–in a comic based on a cartoon show where no one is allowed to punch anything except robots and icebergs.


  9. Great episode, guys! I think I mentioned earlier that I had these issues growing up. And I always thought Grax must be a really big deal because of the threat level here. I certainly remember the Global Guardians too.

    As for the Super Friends Buggy, I assume that the vehicle is used for parades, with “your two favourite heroes” standing up to receive the worship of the adoring crowds, with the two less important heroes driving. Presumably Wonder Woman was either flying her invisible jet, or the toy manufacturer had some kind of “women drivers” sexism.

    I wonder if the removal of “Norwegian Blue” had anything to do with the Monty Python reference.

  10. Who was this Chris guy you had on the show? I enjoyed listening him and he did a great impression of Chris Franklin. I know it wasn’t the fabulous Mr. Franklin, though, because he was too nice to Marvin.

    Wonder Dog was Marvin’s dog, so I’m sure he went with Marvin. Marvin named him after Wonder Woman. I think I read that in the Super Friends Revenge of the Super Foes. Yes, I’m sad that I know that.

    Onto the toys….

    I never saw the Super Friends car out in the wild. Like y’all, I only remember seeing it in ads in the comic. As for Aquaman being able to drive, even though he is from Atlantis. Generally, Super Heroes can drive whatever they need to so the plot can advance. Remember how Spider-Man couldn’t drive a car when he got the Spider-Mobile in ASM 130 but in ASM 131 he could pilot a jet. I had to look up the issue numbers, but I’m sad that I know that.

    I’m going to no-prize Hulk being able to drive the van, jeep and motorcycle. He started out driving as Banner but turned into the Hulk due to the stress of New York traffic. Remember he almost turned into the Hulk in the back of a cab in Incredible Hulk 221 due to his cabbie frightening him and Banner did Hulk-out while flying a plane on the 70s/80s TV show. I had to look up the issue number, but I’m sad that I know that.

      1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ward Hill. Unfortunately, my brain is too clogged with comic book trivia to hold any real knowledge. :)

  11. Good episode! I know this is far from the point of the but I think it got excited to hear Ben Franklin mentioned. Growing up, this was the one store in walking distance that had toys. I bought most of my G.I. Joes there along with my Star Wars trading cards and lots of candy. I also remember hiding a few action figures there until I could come back to buy them.

  12. Cheers for another fine show, it was fun having three Super Hosts. But who’s the Marvin?

    I love the Olympian too, it’s such a great visual, though he’s a bit of a bore, constantly telling us which obscure Argonaut supplies his powers. Mind, I looked up one of the guys he mentioned, and he started out as a woman – it’s complicated – so DC could always bring Olympian back and tick a diversity box or two.

    I couldn’t remember what happened to the original Ice Maiden so looked it up – I see why I forgot, it’s just vile and has immediately been re-Mopeed by me. I may pitch a new version of the character to DC, but, to keep the confusion going, rename her Frigid Sigrid.

    I finally cracked and bought the first Super Friends Saturday Morning volume, now I’ll have to get the upcoming second one too, and I bought them at the time. Oh well.

    And finally The League of Nations as an alternate name for the Global Guardians is just brilliant, nice one Russell!

  13. Impressive pod cast. Most impressive. Ah the first appearance of Ice. Glad Griffen and the others took her to better heights. And it is sad that she died twice. Granted Ice of the JLI got better. In BOP Gal brought her back. First the Rockets Red. Not Demitrie. He’s not there. Just other solders. And Huntress and the others have to fight ice. And they were teamed with the Sinister Si. Er the BOP was. So it was a descent team up. But, man when ICe cut lose they almost lost till Guy’s name was dropped and broke the spell.

    And that freed Ice. I’ll get to the other Ice in a sec. First cool seeing Tasmanians. But, yeah the ears look weird. He looks like Kabala man. But, decent team up with him and GA. Odd he Ice and Fire seemed to be the GGs that faired the best. To ware he even became part of Bats team when they stoped Hush pretending to be Bruce Wayne. And used his front to keep Wayne indesty going while Bruce was dead. He got better. Bruce did and Dick was Bat Man at the time.

    So Taz was used be Dick Grayson as an operative it was pretty good. Romona is great and it is more difficult to draw in a cartoony style than realistic. Since you have to know what to leave out, but make every thing look credible. Bow still has to look like a bow. A Man still has to look like a man. Etc. So the information on what your seeing must get threw with less line work. Not an easy thing to do. And she does it well.

    Little Mermaid. Ah the novel that keeps on giving. I wonder if Disney read this and thought that’s a great idea! Lets use that book as a movie. So the guy with WW kind of seems like a version of Captain Marvel. Maybe why out of the Super Friends we don’t see him much.

    The last big fight looks cool. With Bats going all John Wayne on the one monster… the character seen on film not the man. Any way Ice does look cool here. And yeah she became 2 people. And her death was oy. Hopefully Chris never reads that issue. Defiantly not Cindy. Since the villain that kills Ice er the first ice is Ultra-Humanite. Though not as a gorilla, but as actress Dolores Winters .

    How this works I’m not sure since he became her in the golden age, Then she changed her mind in the silver age and became the Gorilla. It gets weird what she does to Ice. Just em. It’s was pre new 52. And think now only Ice of the JLI is left. Wow he was also Johnny Thunder once. And made him less lame some how.
    Oh wait that Delores Winters in a new body not Ultra that killed Ice 2 er Ice 1. Sigrid Nansen not Tora Olafsdotter. Though Tora was last seen in Blackest Night with her on again off again Boy friend Guy.

    But Sigrid is still dead as far as I know. Well maybe she was left in a hydration womb cause Dolores Winters took something from her. Though she maybe dead. Cause The hydration womb did crack. And not sure how she’d come back from that unless her comic was a DC Black Label. Maybe as part of a Doom Patrol type comic.

    Moving on. The Doom Buggy looks cool. Though why is Aqua Man driving? You got Bats and Supes breaking a ton of safty issues. No seat Belts for one. And their standing. Supes would be ok. But, can’t see him doing it cause he would fear a kid would copy him. And Bats is in any danger if Authar hits the gas. Robin is just riding shot gun. Is it a paired car? It looks cool and could be fun to play with, but as an adult I just have to many questions.

  14. On the topic of Icemaiden’s creator credits and the equity thereto … I get that the two Icemaiden characters (Sigrid and Tora) are separate from each other in-universe. But as fictional creations, would it not be fair to call the second one a derivative character whereas the first one was the original creation? For context, I re-listened to Fire & Water episode 125 to get a refresher on what constitutes a derivative character (#ConwayXOver). The discussion around that matter was mostly on Gerry Conway’s opinions of whether his own creations are or aren’t derivations of other characters. Examples listed didn’t really stray outside of Mr. Conway’s body of work, so it’s hard to use that discussion to extrapolate further and try to judge how to look at the Icemaiden situation.

    But nevertheless, I see it this way: it’s all fine and dandy that Giffen & DeMatteis added and expanded on the Icemaiden character with the end result being something new, namely Tora. We get some fun comics to read from those creative contributions — yay! Then Tora appears in mainstream entertainment and is made into merchandise. And the main way of creators getting royalties and residuals is through those sorts of appearances. Sigrid hasn’t appeared in any cartoons or on toy shelves, just Tora has. So do Giffen & DeMatteis get 100 cents out of every dollar of residuals from those uses of Tora? Ms. Fradon and the heirs of Mr. Bridwell get zero cents? Surely that can’t be how things work in a case like this, can it? I’d like to hope that for every Icemaiden action figure and tchokchke I buy, there’s SOME financial reward from my purchase that gets back to Sigrid’s creators. If that’s not the case — and no disrespect to Tora’s creators — then I’m not sure how I’d feel about buying Icemaiden merchandise knowing who it would and wouldn’t support.

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