For All Mankind #2


Rob and returning guest Shawn Myers review “Trapped by the Super-Foes!” by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ric Estrada, SUPER FRIENDS #2!

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Opening and closing themes by Hanna Barbera.

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14 responses to “For All Mankind #2

  1. Toyboy looks nothing like how I remember his design from issue #1. Is this one of those Mandela effects I keep hearing about?

  2. Thanks for doing this show. I was always a fan of the Super Friends show, watching it on Saturday mornings and later after school in the afternoon. In fact I got myself through some long days in Jr High by looking forward to going home and watching the Super Friends after school. I have now re-seen most of the episodes and seasons as an adult. I can remember watching season 1 episodes, with Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog on Saturday nights on Cartoon Network while feeding a bottle to our first daughter. She’s now about to turn 22. But I have never read the comic so I’m happy to be on board and along for the ride with you. Time to make some new memories around the Super Friends together!

  3. A wonderful conclusion to this two-part show. It was at the edge of my seat for a month, wondering if those dastardly Super-Foes and their sneaky kid companions would take down the Super Friends in only the second issue … 😛

    Actually, after listening to your rundown of the story I realized that I had this issue! Previously I thought the earliest Super Friends story I had read was the one from issue #3, reprinted in the digest a few years later, but I see I was wrong in that. Even when I listened to the first show, I had this deja-vuesque feeling that I had seen those evil kid sidekicks like Chick, Kitten and Sardine* somewhere before, but nothing in the gallery post looked familiar. Now, though, I definitely recall the cover and some of the pages you posted. So besides a great conversation, I have to thank you for jogging my memory.
    Keep up the great work!

    * Unlike everyone else in the world apparently, I’m kind of sad that Sardine never appeared again. Also, I’m surprised these evil teen sidekicks weren’t used in the revived Teen Titans comic that was coming out at about the same time as these issues of Super Friends.

  4. Well, Rob has got me listening to podcasts about movies I’ve never seen, and records I’ve never heard, so I might as well enjoy his podcast about a comic I’ve never read! Even though I neglected to write after the first one, I enjoyed it! I’ve long known about E. Nelson Bridwell’s skillful weaving of DC history threads into the Super Friends tapestry, but I never bought the book. I had watched the Super Friends on TV, but in summer of ’76 I was 12 years old and wanted to be a serious comic book collector. My focus was Superman, and I was quite budget-conscious. A little detective work at Amazing Mike’s site shows that I bought 7 titles dated September, but four of them had an on-sale date of September 28 or 30, which means it is likely that I didn’t buy them until October. Also, getting to one of the two stores that I knew that sold comics meant staying after school for some reason, and walking to the store on the way to my grandparents’ house! So even though I bought four comics with Superman on the cover, I wasn’t going to waste three dimes on what I thought was a “kiddie” comic. Over the next four years, despite the intriguing house ads, and occasional referential footnote, I was never convinced to change my mind. So now, I will enjoy Rob’s re-telling of these tales! I expect that each issue will feature a “Bridwell treat.” A reference, or a connection that I hadn’t known. This story it was Dr. Albert Michaels. Even before you researched it, I was yelling at my speakers, “The Atomic Skull!” Michaels was in the first issue of Superman that I bought, #203, and his character was established as adversarial to Dr. Jeanette Klyburn and her friends, including Superman. The Toyman appeared two issues later. He seemed contrite at the end of Superman #306, but he must have been lying to Superman and busted out of jail to join the Super Foes here!
    I couldn’t have know it then , but those kinds of cross-title continuities are some of the things I loved about reading super-hero comics! And I was annoyed when there were inconsistencies!
    Finally, there were still three minutes left in the podcast as I arrived at work today, so I sat in my car to listen, and I was rewarded with the voice of Xum with the sign-off. That will make each one of these For All Mankind shows a very special treat!

  5. Thanks for another fun episode. I don’t really want episodes bimonthly, honest, this is a big treat. I was also yelling ‘Atomic Skulll’, I love those ENB nods to the wider DCU. Heck. If you need anyone for the story featuring the Time Master reveal…

    The Troubalert is my least favourite combined word ever, it always catches on the tongue. It should be Trouble Alert… I realise that misses the point, but it’s soooooo ugly.

    Favourite line of the episode: ‘Batman gets knocked up by Chick.’

    Yes, I am six.

  6. Hey, Rob! You’re really rolling now. You may not hear this from anyone else, but it doesn’t bother me how long your synopsis is. It was very entertaining and told me everything I wanted to know when I don’t have the comic in my hand. I also believe you create your’s from scratch without copying from someone else’s source. I always wish I could have done that for my show and I admire those who can. I really enjoyed the issue covered and your coverage of it. Keep up the great work!

  7. Great wrap-up gents. I’m glad Shawn filled us in on Dr. Michaels, so I didn’t have to. I had some of his earliest, pre-Atomic Skull appearances, and then actually got the comic where he went full on evil. Leave it to ENB to weave other DC title continuity into SF. Of course he was the assistant editor on the Superman titles, so he had an “in” there for sure.

    Looks like in addition to Aquaman missing his gloves, Honey Suckle decided to be a bit more modest this time. She traded in her floral pasties for a bushy, strapless bikini top, at least.

    Can’t wait to hear more! And to be in on one (or more) of these!


  8. Super Friends the comic had even more DCU tie-ins and original characters than the TV show we enjoyed so much, and the resolutions didn’t always involve reversing the polarity on some super-villain’s gadget. It was better than the program that inspired it, and while it never made my “must-buy” list, I certainly had no problem picking up the “kiddie comic.”. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the ones I remember and getting filled in on the ones I missed.

    Having enjoyed Shawn’s work on MASHcast, it’s great to hear him here, as well. One question on this fine episode: Rob, were you saying that Honeysuckle and Kitten “had legs” — as intellectual properties, I mean?

  9. A great 2nd episode! I bought all the Superfriends issues off the stands but unlike you Rob, I had a hard time imagining them on the same earth as the “regular” JLA. I was a little older, being 11 in 1976, and was beginning to hit the age when I was supposed to be “outgrowing” comics. But even then, I bought and read every issue of Superfriends and still have them! I have not read them since they came out so I am determined to read along with the podcast. I really enjoyed #2 although I agree it was not as strong as #1, and Wonder Dog is not my jam. Anyway, it was great to read it then hear you guys talk about it. I have to confess I did not notice the lack of Aquaman’s gloves! Looking forward to Ramona Fradon art starting next issue – I bet she won’t forget the gloves! Thanks for a great new show!

  10. I really enjoyed the show guys. Thanks for your efforts.

    The reason Honeysuckle never returned is that Poison Ivy stole her outfit and wore it in Batman 367

    I should apologize for remembering this, but I was only 12 when the issue came out and was already sweet on Ivy. I guess someone else remembered because there is an action figure of Ivy in the outfit. The figure is…well, not my favorite…I felt no need to add it to my collection.

    Couldn’t Superman have explained his code to Wonder Dog? Still, I loved the Krypto appearance, even if it wasn’t necessary. I have a statue of Krypto and a couple of action figures so obviously I’m a fan.

    Speaking of dogs, Rob, thanks for seconding my statements on adopting a rescue. If I may, I suggest you and Kelly (spelling?) attend an adoption event. You get to meet the dog first and see if its personality is a good match for you and your family. That is what I did. When I first picked up Molly (my dog) she would not go to anyone else. My friends at the event with me all joke that Molly really adopted me and not the other way around.

    I probably shouldn’t mention action figures, because Rob and Shag might ban me from commenting, since the Super Powers Aquaman and Firestorm are the only figures of them that I have.

  11. Found your podcast after a link to it was posted on a Super Friends Fan Facebook page. Heard the first two podcasts, looking forward to the rest!

    One thing, when you pronounce ENB’s name, it sounds like you’re saying “Birdwell”. I believe it’s “Bridwell”.

    1. Scratch that last comment! I’ve been paying closer attention, and you are saying “Bridwell”. I apologize!

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