Film & Water #86 – Kong: Skull Island



The King Kong Kountdown Koncludes! Rob welcomes podcaster Ben Avery (MARVEL’S COSMIC COMICS) to talk about the brand-new chapter of the Kong legacy, KONG: SKULL ISLAND! Lo, there be monsters…and spoilers!


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19 responses to “Film & Water #86 – Kong: Skull Island

  1. I’m having a lot of fun with this episode. I saw the movie on Saturday and I think I’m more with Ben. I had a lot of fun with the movie. That’s not to say Rob’s opinions are wrong, I was just in it for a fun monster movie ride.

    And, to my surprise I liked John C. Reilly in this. Normally I’m not a fan of his but here I was totally rooting for him.

    As for the post-credits scene, I didn’t even have a chance to let the credits ruin it for me because these jerks next to me who were coming from the same comic convention I was at wouldn’t stop talking throughout the credits, all but spoiling the post-credits scene for me. That being said, I liked it. I know it’s setting up for Kong vs Godzilla, but imagine if in the middle they team up to fight other monsters like Ghidorah.

    I plan on seeing this again. I really enjoyed it.

      1. It’s okay. I think I’m slowly getting used to the way people behave in theatres these days, sadly.

        But I didn’t get a chance to say how truly touching it was hearing your message after the show. That must have been extremely difficult, Rob but thank you for sharing something so personal. I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through right now, but know that all of us are sorry for your loss.

  2. Rob: I am very sorry for your loss of your sister. Your heartfelt postscript to this Kong episode was both touching and tender. You and your family have my condolences.

  3. Another great episode of Rolled Spine Podcast– I’m just ribbing Rob haha, I’m with Ben on this one, I enjoyed Skull Island a great deal. There may be additional spoilers in this comment. Reader beware.

    If anything, it showed Edwards’ Godzilla was too TIMID. GZ’s mah boy but the movie was humorless, while Skull Island was ridiculous fun and full of jokes. No, the characters aren’t well developed, but sometimes casting does the job for you. Godzilla did away with its big actors in the first act/prologue, and then you’re supposed to care about a cookie cutter action hero. Here, they are still tools of the plot (give or take), but you want to watch them because they are Hiddleston, Larson, Jackson, etc. They bring something with them from past roles that acts as shorthand. I’ve been thinking about this facet of film theory for a while now, I must say.

    Anyway, the monsters are the real stars, and Kong is great. Lots of great gags. Kong vs. Ahab. Kong vs. monsters. Kong in Beauty and the Beast. Kong as MONSTER, you taught me that Rob, pointing out how Peter Jackson’s remake just had a giant gorilla, not a monstrous ape, and that became very important to me suddenly. Kong as martial arts fighter – harking to GZ’s pro wrestling moves in the 60s movies – throwing a freaking flying guillotine! Kong as homage to the original without repeating its story beats, including a way to chain him up.

    And I really enjoyed the Vietnam era setting, which is half pun (guerrilla fighting/Gorilla fighting, and I hadn’t seen it until you guys said it but Viet Kong), and half metaphorical grounding (America’s powerlessness before an incomprehensible enemy) while Reilly’s background having become friends with an enemy soldier becomes a parallel with Kong as antagonist/ally.

    Can’t wait to see how they slot in sequels and if Brieddleston will be back to fight Mothra, Rodan and K.G. in the era between this film and Edwards’ contemporary Godzilla. Maybe they’ll get more development if they return.

    1. Yeah, I was pretty shocked at my own reaction to the movie, since it seemed like a slam dunk I would love it.

      I’m willing to give it a second viewing when it comes to home ent, because I WANT to love it.


      1. You know, this sounds like me at the end of Spectre and Rogue One. Didn’t hate them, don’t love them, but felt that maybe I had changed and they just don’t do it for me anymore.

        Really hope to see a BvS Rob again. Love that fury. Maybe when we cover Highlander: The Source in 2019.

        1. I worry about that, too–that I have simply aged out of enjoying these big genre movies. I’m trying to think back of the last one I saw that I loved completely–probably FORCE AWAKENS, and before that the STAR TREK reboot. But they’re rare for sure.

          If you ever want a rage episode, ask to do VAN HELSING.

          1. It could also just be fatigue as we’ve seen the stories play out again and again and again. I forgot where I heard this, but someone was talking about how we might be forcing things beyond their natural shelf life to keep us happy.

          2. Ah, VAN HELSING, the movie I got to see in the theater for free and then walked out thirty minutes into it.

  4. My mother died two years ago and we always joked about how she never saw the movie ET
    She refused to go to the store Walmart because they censored music she was a good shit

    1. I did see skull Island with my father occasionally My father had to bump me in the arm because I continue to fall asleep for about the first 20 minutes of the film

  5. Wonderful testimonial to your sister. She was obviously a wonderful and large-hearted woman. I’d expect nothing less from someone who would be your sibling. May the coming days help you recall better times, and that those memories will ease your great pain. Take care, Rob.

  6. Hi, Rob.

    Since somewhat recently finding your podcasts, I’ve enjoyed all your episodes and your take on the subjects. I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. I wanted to reach out and express my condolences.

    – Chris Karnes

  7. First off, my thoughts are with you and your family during this time of loss.

    Second, I want to thank Ben and you for another great episode. I’d been up in the air about whether or not I wanted to see Skull Island, but hearing that this is part of a new monster movie universe has sold me on seeing it. I was a big fan of Rodan as a kid (I even had a World’s Greatest Monsters Rodan toy), and would love to see him again on the big screen.

    1. I actually liked it quite a bit more than I’d expected to. In fact, I enjoyed it more than the recent Godzilla & any of the Jurassic Parks. Yes, the characters are somewhat simplistic but it did not bother me. Tom Hiddleston’s role could have been filled by almost anyone (his hair never is mused or out of place) & you knew they were going to have Larson end up in the palm of Kong’s hand. It’s a fun diversion.

      My bet is that the “Billy” who is continually mentioned as the son of one of the soldiers will turn up as the hero in a future movie when they jump to modern day.

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