Film & Water – Carrie Fisher



Rob welcomes Ryan Daly and David Ace Gutierrez to pay tribute to the great Carrie Fisher.

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5 responses to “Film & Water – Carrie Fisher

  1. You guys did good, don’t be so hard on yourselves.

    I don’t really have much to add, other than I got a new pair of Star Wars lounge/pajama pants for Christmas from my in-laws. I put them on for the first time the night after Carrie Fisher died. And there was Leia looking up at me. Surreal. I didn’t know whether to take them off out of respect, or wear them IN respect. I chose the later.


  2. This was a great and heartfelt episode, guys — it couldn’t have been easy to do. I think one of the reasons Princess Leia resonated so much was, as we’d later find out, there was a lot of Carrie in that character. If it came down to it, I’d follow Carrie into battle against an evil empire any time.

    If anyone is still looking for some of her more off-the-grid acting work, I’d point out that “Under the Rainbow” doesn’t get a lot of attention. It is a TERRIBLE movie, but I saw it a hundred times because HBO had it on heavy rotation back in the day (think of it as her “Corvette Summer”). If I remember this right, Carrie Fisher and Chevy Chase actually had some passable chemistry, and this movie helped usher me into manhood a full two years before the metal bikini hit screens.

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