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In this special mini-sode, Rob welcomes his better half, aka Darlin’ Tracy, to talk about HIDDEN FIGURES, now playing in theaters!

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11 responses to “Film & Water – Hidden Figures

  1. Great little minisode. I just heard about this movie a few days ago and I’d love to see it if it comes to a theater near me.

  2. Darlin’ Tracy! Where have you been hiding her Kelly? Get her back on soon!

    I’m interested in seeing this movie. If we don’t make it to the theater, this is definitely going to be one we all check out as a family when it comes to home release. And as a parent, we do need more family films that don’t make you want to bang your head into the wall while sitting through them. I still haven’t quite recovered from Trolls.


    1. I don’t see DT (oh god, I just realized what those initials could also mean) returning to the show anytime soon, but maybe if we see another movie she feels strongly about, who knows? Thanks for the kind words! And I didn’t get slapped once!

  3. My wife (who I’m proud to say has a Ph.D. in animal science) and I have been wanting to see Hidden Figures, but thought we needed to find a babysitter for our 7-year-old daughter in order to do so. Your endorsement of this as a family movie has got me thinking that might not be the case. I see now that it is rated PG, which surprised me. Perhaps it’s just the movies that I normally watch, but it seems so rare to see a live-action movie rated PG, I just assumed that Hidden Figures was rated PG-13. Thanks for the extra encouragement to get off our butts and out to the theater… where we can sit on our butts again to watch this film.

    1. Brian-

      Thanks for commenting. Unless your daughter has an enormous tolerance for talking, she might get bored at HF because it is a lot of just adults in rooms saying stuff :). But yeah I think it’s an ideal “family film” in that it tells an important story well, with no extraneous four-letter words (or sex or violence) just for the sake of gritting it up.

      The trailers we saw in front of HF were all explicitly family fare, so obviously they’re expecting this to seen by parents and their kids. I’m sure the three women of the movie must have dropped some four-letter words occasionally, so all that stuff missing from the movie was clearly intentional.

  4. Tracy was a great guest, and passionate. My own show’s Shotgun is another “woman in math” so solidarity from the Girls on this side of the border (half of the group were History students so that was a bonus going in).

    I myself am a SUCKER for the Space Race, it’s my favorite historical period/event, so I was pre-sold. A great trio of untold tales, well acted, offering both outrage and uplift. The next time I marathon The Right Stuff, HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon and Apollo 13, I’m going to slide Hidden Figures right in there. And in a couple years, Damien Chazelle’s First Man w/Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong too!

  5. I gave, this film isn’t out for a couple of weeks here, but I just wanted to hear you two. The film looks terrific from the trailer and you and Darlin’ Tracy reassure me. I enjoyed your conversation hugely, you two are well matched. So, when is Tracy’s next appearance?

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