Film & Water Mini-Sode #2 – Wonder Woman/Justice League Trailers



Rob and fellow Network All-Stars Chris & Cindy Franklin and Ryan Daly discuss the first trailers to WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE!

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16 responses to “Film & Water Mini-Sode #2 – Wonder Woman/Justice League Trailers

  1. FYI: I just started listening now: the actor in the German uniform facing Diana is actually Danny Huston, son of director John & brother to Angelica.

  2. Holy Moly that was a lot of content to drop all at once, man. Ok so wow. So here’s my take on both trailers and yes mentions/comparisons to BvS can’t be helped. Did both trailers make me want to go and see both Movie? Hell YES!! Were BOTH trailers an attempt to make up/smooth over/apologise for BvS? Most definitely. So did the trailers do their JOB? Yes!

    Wonder Woman looks great. I agree with Ryan that I was a little put off by how bland the “world” looks, like it’s a sin to have colour or something BUT this is WW1.It’s appropriate for this time in history, for what was going on in the world and from any source material you look at from history, it makes sense. It’s not done to try and convey the “Oh woe is me. The world is a miserable place” that Mr Sad Sack Snyder gave us in BvS. And just like all of you guys said it helps make Wonder Woman POP. From the increased brightness of the costume to that blue dress she wears in the Ball scene. Wonder Woman visually becomes the beacon she is supposed to be.

    As to the character of Wonder Woman, I think line “Zeus gave me life” is a deliberate omission of the word father. So like Cindy said I don’t think Zeus is her biological father but perhaps his power brought her to life. Again agreeing with Cindy regarding the sword and shield, they would have been the Amazon bread and butter so i’m okay with her using them BUT I totally agree with Ryan that it would be better if she was using the bracers against the machine gun. I feel that yes the lasso glows when she uses it and it looks amazing so hopefully she uses it alot. I’m with Chris that it was Artemis jumping with the bow and arrow. I have young daughters and yep Rob you’re right I think every little girl on the planet will want to see this movie and so they should. For that reason I’d prefer if it was a little more light hearted with not so much hack and slash but with this cinematic DCU we were never going to get that. It’s clearly aimed at an older audience which is kind of shame for the first big female superhero movie. But there is any number of animated Wonder Woman material and the Supergirl TV show which my daughters love.

    Onto Justice League. Watching it I got very very excited but like Ryan the doubts and fears started to creep in. Poor Ryan, BvS really really hurt him, like for reals. Imagine the Ryan we would have if Force Awakens sucked… I liked that the trailer contained some gags that were genuinely funny but I started to get worried there were too many. I sure they aren’t the whole movie and the trailer is obviously trying to make up for BvS which is great but it was either too many gags or that it was Batman that was delivering them. It felt weird to me that it was Batman that was putting the team together. The scene is Barry Allen while good was very much a copy of Tony Stark recruiting Spiderman. But like Chris said, Marvel has beaten them to the punch on just about everything. The scene between Batman and Wonder Woman discussing Aquaman was great but the lines felt reversed. Not trying to take anything away from Cindy’s “take no nonsense” Wonder Woman but that conversation felt like it would have been Batman cutting through the crap instead of trying to sell the crap, if you take my meaning.

    As for Aquaman, I was never a fan of this version of him. That’s not a criticism of Jason Momoa. He just doesn’t look right. That being said I agree with Rob that if this is version of Aquaman they are going to give us then he is going to be one hell of a badass. Like Ryan I’m hoping this was their way of bridging the cap from Aquaman joke punch line to Aquaman Badass!! Cause let’s face it. There’s no other way to describe Aquaman in that trailer. Badass. Like with Wonder Woman, any idea on which Aquaman we are getting? Long lost son of Atlantis or Under water Tarzan?

    All in all the trailers point to a better future for the DCU and I can’t wait to see them. Thanks for another one of these trailer mini-sodes. They are a great listen and hearing everyone’s take and ideas from the trailers is always fantastic to hear.

  3. Loved, swooned, and loved some more that WE trailer! I can’t wait to see this movie.

    JL…oy. Not psyched at all. Nope.

  4. I REALLY loved the Justice League trailer. For Aquaman, its straight out of The New 52 (and a bit of the animated Throne of Atlantis where we also saw a hard drinking Arthur Curry). The approach is the same: take the nay-saying jokes head on, dispel them, and commence with showing what an awesome character is to the rest of the non-comic book reading, non-Aquaman fan world-at-large. With the news that Geoff Johns and James Wan have totally redone the treatment for the Aquaman movie and with the traditional orange-ish and green colors on the poster I am more hopeful than before for the Sea King’s portrayal in DC Films.

  5. I liked the trailer but you can tell it’s still a work in progress. What stood out to me was the lack of a Green Lantern. I don’t mind Hal not being in the movie if we get John Stewart but you have to have a GL.

  6. I’m intrigued by Wonder Woman; enough to want to see it, which is a first, after Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. I’m a little skeptical about the WW1 setting, as that is a pretty static war. I suspect they went with WW1 to have German soldiers; but, avoid comparisons to Captain America. I suspect we will see a WW1 that has a lot more dynamic fighting than the real war. The real thing was mass slaughter, with little movement, apart from the air war (which Hollywood loved) and the desert campaign (with Lawrence of Arabia and the Australian victory at Beersheba). I was happy to see the colors on the costume, I was less happy with the modern phrases in WW1. I would like to see Lynda Carter and she could easily have played either Hera or Aphrodite, excepts it looks like they won’t depict the Greek gods. My alternate idea would be to have Lynda be a suffragette who Wonder Woman befriends and respects.

    Justice League looks more like Snyder stuff and I don’t really want to touch it. i didn’t see anything there that changed my view of everything he touches. It looks like a group of characters in search of a story. Snyder is all visual, little story. I’m a story guy. I need a lot more than this to get me to try another Snyder film (and I skipped BvS). Really, I haven’t been satisfied since Dark Knight (and I thought it had significant problems)

    I’m with Cindy, though, about Suicide Squad. I see super-villains smashing, shooting joking and killing; but not John Ostrander’s plotting and character dynamics. Maybe I’m wrong; but, so far, I’m sticking with the Arrow version (I still prefer the Justice league Unlimited version, though). Mostly, I see a bunch of scenes cut to a soundtrack of great classic music; but, it’s a film, not MTV.

  7. The Wonder Woman trailer looks a lot more solid. I genuinely excited by the trailer, and hope to catch it in theaters. The choice to go WWI surprised me, as did the Amazons apparently in combat with some soldiers. But they were a welcome take — not sure how this will align with DC’s timelines for the other characters (modern day Supes, seemingly older Bats, WWI and immortal WW, really young Barry Allen).

    Justice League seems to be all the talk scenes and very little ‘ka-pow’. I am heartened by the banter, but I would like to see something else: the moral backbone that DC characters are known for. In DC, it’s not just the power of the big bad that frightens us, but also the moral corruption that they espouse.

  8. So much greatness released by WB! And as Chris said, I really think this was a bit of damage control.

    I loved the Wonder Woman trailer. Loved it. After watching it, I thought ‘they finally are going to do one of these movies the right way.’ I thought Diana in battle looked good. Yes, there is sword and shield. But there is also greaves! I mean, she is classic greek warrior here. I couldn’t help but think that the amazon attack scene was some sort of nod to Snyder’s 300. Are the Germans/bad guys invading Paradise Island? Or are the Amazons fighting in the war? Like everyone said, seeing the magic lasso in action was great. And her rescuing Trevor on Paradise Island is straight from the comics. My guess is the big bad is the Duke of Deception (he is dressed in regal ware). And the masked woman? Paula Von Gunther?

    But if Ryan disliked it that much … what will Frank think????

    As for the League, this seemed like the anti-BvS. This was all yucks and fun. And that was fine. After the morass of grimness that was BvS, I am okay with a ‘talk to fish’ line. And you know in the movie he is going to drop Batman right after disproving the lame prior statement.

    For me, the big thing in this was the Flash. I was ready to hate … haaaatttteeeee … Ezra Miller’s Flash. (I know Grant Gustin. I watch Grant Gustin. And you Ezra Miller are no Grant Gustin.) But this scene was actually okay. I think I am ready to only mildly dislike him. And that has to be considered a huge win!

  9. Sorry guys I’m with Ryan more than the rest of you, in that this series gets no benefit of the doubt from me. If something looks good, I’ll assume it’s good. If it’s looks at all questionable then I assume the worst. Because until they get a better track record, that’s what WB and DC has earned from me.

    I’m not going to go over everything point for point, because some was good and some was bad. But overall in the case of both films I’m worried about the same thing: how much will they be able to shake off the stink of BvS? Wonder Woman was in the middle of shooting when BvS came out, which means it was frankly too late to course correct if they went into filming already committed to the dark and dour universe that BvS created that they still thought everybody wanted. Sure the colors pop in SOME parts of the trailer, but that could easily have been done in editing as a visual Band-Aid. There’s still plenty of washed out color in this thing.

    I feel the same about the “lightness” on display in the Justice League trailer. That one started shooting very soon after BvS came out, and I have no doubt that they did some work to lighten it but all they could have done at that point would be to just add jokes to the already existing script. And it feels very strongly like that’s what they did (hence why Aquaman doesn’t have a comeback line: because that “talk to fish” joke was a late addition.)

    On the subject of Aquaman, I really hope you get what you want Rob. But right now I see you coming dangerously close to the mindset that resulted in people who actually defend the Michael Bay Transformers movies (i.e. fans who were so convinced they’d never see it at all that they’ll bend over backwards defending a horrible version if it’s all they have.)

    Finally, since nobody else brought it up, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the Wonder Woman theme music. I hated her theme in BvS and it sank my heart to hear it again over a good looking logo.

    1. On the subject of Aquaman, I really hope you get what you want Rob. But right now I see you coming dangerously close to the mindset that resulted in people who actually defend the Michael Bay Transformers movies (i.e. fans who were so convinced they’d never see it at all that they’ll bend over backwards defending a horrible version if it’s all they have.)

      Not sure I agree with you here. I have said numerous times across many episodes of both FIRE and FILM that this approach to a cinematic Aquaman is not the one I would have taken, or really want to see. I can stamp my little feet (in Aquaman footie jammies) that they change it, but of course it’s too late now. So I am grading what I am seeing on the reduced expectations–so, okay, this is where they’re going: within that construct, am I liking what I’m seeing? The answer was mostly yes. It’s sort of like if you have a kid, and he gets nothing but Ds in school. Then he comes home with a B–do you celebrate this uptick, or criticize because it’s not an A?

      Also, I guess on some level, yeah I am simply delighted that we’re getting a live-action Aquaman at all, and that he was such a large part of this trailer. I grew up in an era when RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING was kinda maybe worth seeing simply because it was a comic book movie. We’re all spoiled now, anything is possible, but I’m still a bit giddy I’m seeing AQUAMAN on the big screen.

      All that said, I think my review of BvS proves that even with all that good will going on, if the movie is lousy I will acknowledge that. But, for right now, I’m trying to remain hopeful (this comment can also be applied to the Presidential election).

  10. Just picked up my BvS dvd today & will each it asap. Personally I liked it more than most of the Marvel films of recent years.

  11. Hey, kind of curious to see other people’s reactions… At about 25 seconds into the JL trailer, there’s a bunch of guys in a forest burying what looks like a Mother Box. Any guesses on who they might be? They look kind of Viking-ish, but with the heavy focus on Aquaman could they be Atlanteans?

      1. Hey, Chris. Yeah, I wasn’t sure either. They seem to be wearing armored kilts, which seem to have been a favorite thing for New Genesis folk to wear. Since they looked vaguely Viking-like, maybe it’s a call-back to Jack Kirby’s original idea that the Fourth World gods were supposed to have been born after the Ragnarok of the old Asgardian gods?

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