Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #16


Episode 16: CREEPSHOW

Tracy watches one of one Rob’s childhood favorites, the 1982 classic CREEPSHOW!

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13 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #16

  1. Another great episode. Sorry that Tracy did not enjoy it (not surprised) but like Rob I loved the movie and the comic adaption.

    Suggestions for other films
    The Omen (1976)
    Don’t Look Now (1973)
    The Vanishing (1988)
    This Old Dark House (1932)

    1. The Omen is always on the shortlist! The Vanishing–I assume you mean the original–is an interesting idea, but man pretty grim. I’ve considered showing her some of the classic monster movies from the 1930s, but we just haven’t gone there yet. Don’t Look Now is an interesting idea too, since it really does focus on the couple. Good ideas!

  2. I honestly don’t know what I love more – Tracy’s commentary or Rob scrambling to explain why he likes these movies.

    But yes, Tracy clearly the rose in this garden of cohosts.

    What was that nickname again?

  3. I very much enjoy the shows it would be curious to find out if there was ever a movie that Tracy could pick and it was called turn it off with Rob

    1. I also think would be cool if you guys would review a movie titled something wicked this Way comes I believe it’s a Disney film possibly PG but I remember even as an older teenager I found it quite spooky

      1. DD–People have suggested reversing the process, but it really wouldn’t work because there’s no movie I could not bear to watch all the way through, no matter how bad it was. I just don’t consume movies like that so even if I hated I would just sit there bored, but I could tolerate it. I would never need Tracy to turn it off.

        I haven’t seen SWTWC in a long time, that’s worth considering.

  4. Hal Holbrook IS Superman.
    Super Holbrook

    I unabashedly love this movie too. And actually, the first segment is always my least favorite, just because it’s just kind of…generic. I do love the ending, but other than that, it seems like standard 70s/80s horror fare. Jody Verril and The Crate are my two favorite segments.

    How about some Hammer movies for Tracy? In the early films, the good guys always win. Maybe the original Horror of Dracula? Or Brides of Dracula?


  5. Tracy’s sharp wit keeps me putting this podcast at the top of the queue whenever you post a new episode.

    I feel your pain about nicknames, Rob. The affectionate term used by my significant other is super embarrassing whenever spoken by anyone but her.

  6. This is the first episode of “Turn it Off with Tracy” that I’ve listened to, and now, I have yet another F&W show to go back and catch up on! As a side note: I was allowed to buy the Creepshow graphic novel at B. Dalton Books in the Aviation Mall (Glens Falls, NY), and I was about 11 years old. Good times!

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