Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #1



It’s the first episode of a new Film and Water sub-series! Rob’s girlfriend Darlin’ Tracy has never been able to stand horror movies, but she’s subjecting herself to different ones as picked by him! How far will she get into the movie before she demands he to turn it off? Hit Play and find out!

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26 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #1

  1. A couple of the OHOTMU girls have the same kind of relationship with horror films. One won’t watch anything that’s at all intense, which puts her off about 80% of all films, not just horror. The other is too much of a cinephile not to watch horror (or any genre), but she knows it’s going to come back and haunt her. It’s not just getting nightmares for the next few weeks; she actually develops new phobias (or at least anxiety triggers) based on the horror fare. Absolutely the worst for her, anything involving a creepy house, because she lives in one, but like, the Doctor Who episode “Blink” (feat. the Weeping Angels) put her off statues for good. You see what I mean.

    So a fun experiment. I myself am not into gore or slasher stuff, so my horror picks are usually more psychological or have a strong metaphorical foundation. But that’s more effective, and thus, worse. You mentioned Hitchcock, which makes me think it would be fun to hear about the first half of Psycho (haha). The Birds is likewise acceptable, perhaps even to the end. I loved loved loved Ouija: Origin of Evil, which has thankfully little to do with the first terrible Ouija film, a great surprise. Other newer fare includes It Follows, The Love Witch (oh you really need to see this), Get Out, Spring (it’s Before Sunrise meets… something), Lights Out (probly won’t get far), A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (probly will). Let the Right One In, Housebound (it’s a comedy), What we Do in the Shadows (also), Oculus, Rubber (its insane), Teeth (vagina dentata, I mean come on), Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Pontypool, Only Lovers Left Alive, and very recently It Comes at Night. If y’all liked Shaun of the Dead, you should be amused by The Battery.

    Older? I bet she can take The Craft, The Wicker Man maybe, Carrie, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining obviously.

    Ok, I know I sort of came off like I didn’t watch a lot of horror… I blame Lonely Heart Marty who is the freaking MAN when it comes to horror and always steers us to the most interesting ones. Not a whole lot of jump scares in the lot either.

    1. When Tracy first brought this up, I made a short list of films immediately under consideration–IT FOLLOWS definitely on that list. I would love to show her THE THING because I think it’s so good, but I think the literally eye-popping gore would turn her off to it pretty early. But you never know–I never thought in a million years we’d be doing this, so who knows? Maybe for her birthday I’ll be getting her a MARTYRS/AUDITION BluRay double pack.*

      THE WICKER MAN would be really interesting–obviously because it’s a great movie, but also because T is so conversant with HOT FUZZ, which borrows so heavily from it. Would be interesting to discuss seeing a parody of a movie before seeing the source material.

      Thanks for listening and commenting. This is a weird little thing we’re trying and like the Geek Fitness show I had no idea if anyone would like it.

      *This will not happen

  2. I was AFRAID at first that the episode would be too short and wouldn’t really delve into the emotional or psychological experience Tracy was having that led to her wanting to stop the movie. I’m glad you two started to address it before the end, though, with the idea that clearly foreshadowing the “scare” moment builds suspense and makes the sensation of fright last longer.

    Great first installment of this Film & Water feature, Rob and Tracy! Looking forward to more.

  3. I like all horror, from slash to more suspenseful stuff.

    But like Tracy, my wife can’t do any of it. Early on in our relationship, we watch the Talky Tina episode of the Twilight Zone and she got so creeped out she made me turn it off. Talky Tina! So things like American Werewolf are definitely out.

    I’ll echo that there are smarter horror movies in the recent past (The Babadook, It Follows, Don’t Breathe) that might be a better fit. Or some horror-y sci-fi stuff. I really liked (probably more than I should) the movie Morgan. What a cast!

    I applaud Tracy for her resilience. Hope there is more to come.

    1. Thanks for listening Anj!

      And yes, more episodes to come! Episode 2 will be in two weeks and we have plans to record Ep 3 soon. I’m very happy she’s doing this and is so into it, and that people are responding.

  4. This is so much fun! I’m not going to suggest films (since I’m incredibly picky about horror and like Rob, have lost my sense of jump scares in the films I enjoy,) however I am going to make a suggestion to maximize the fun of what might only be a few episodes (though I for one am hoping for more.) Taking a page from a YouTube series I’m rather fond of, called Tamara’s Never Seen, I think you need to announce in advance (over twitter, Facebook, whatever) what the next film Tracy is going to try will be so that the rest of us can make predictions about what moment in the movie is going to make her pack it in. Do this before the movie is shown and you can even have her react to the predictions at the tail end. So for instance, when I read the description of this, I was dead certain it was going to be the dream sequence that did it so I’m impressed she pushed through that. If this idea is too much additional work, feel free to ignore it, but we could SO get a betting pool going.

    1. I like that idea a lot Nathaniel, maybe we’ll do it if we settle on a movie far in advance of recording it. We’re still going back and forth as to what the next film is, and tend to not decide these things until the last minute, but it’s a fun idea, seeing if people can guess when/if she’ll bail.

      Thanks for listening!

  5. I love this concept. And props to Tracy for stepping out of her comfort zone with this. I’m pretty much open to just about any horror, but devil-centric stuff tends to unnerve me a bit.

    Have you considered showing her the Universal and/or Hammer Classics? Yes, the Hammers are a bit gory, but not by modern standards. You see worse stuff in the Halloween aisle at Wal-mart these days. I bet she would find Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man interesting, and you can’t go wrong with Horror of Dracula or Curse of Frankenstein either. Hammer’s The Mummy is one of my favorites, and Cindy really digs that one.


    1. Thanks for listening Chris!

      T isn’t big on monsters so the Universal/Hammer films are not anything I’ve been considering for the most part. But like I said above, I never expected to be here in the first place so who knows!

  6. What a charming and delightful episode — and big props to Tracy for being willing to try something she knows will make her uncomfortable. I think we can all agree that’s not easy, and she seems to be doing it with good cheer.

    I would definitely second Siskoid’s recommendations for Get Out and Rosemary’s Baby, and as Anj mentioned, The Babadook is a solid choice. I’d also recommend The Haunting (the 1963 version, not the godawful ’99 film). It’s a great piece of psychological suspense that steadily cranks up the weird, has no gore or jump-scares (that I can remember), and it just beautiful to look at. It’s one of my personal favorites.

    1. Thanks Max!

      T has seen THE BABADOOK (I put it on when she was asleep, thinking I was “safe”, then she woke up a minute into it and watched the whole thing with me). I haven’t seen GET OUT yet, so I’d need to check it out myself first. But it’s definitely up for consideration, considering how good I’ve heard it is.

  7. Great episode. My hat is off to Tracy, because I understand where she is coming from. I experience a similar visceral discomfort when it comes to horror films, especially the anticipated jump scare.

    Up until recently, I could count the number of horror films I’d seen on one hand: The Shining (I don’t recall what motivated me to watch this), Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (because I love Kenneth Branagh that much), and Resident Evil (because I was too afraid to play the video game). Inspired by the House of Franklinstein, I’ve recently watched some of the old Universal and Hammer monster movies on Svengoolie on the MeTV network.

    While I generally don’t like watching horror films, I’m curious to learn more about them. So, I’m looking forward to future installments of this segment.

  8. As a general rule, I stay away from horror films beyond the 1970s… they are all WAY to scary for me. Can’t wait for the next episode to hear what frightening films I should also avoid 😀

  9. I’m so glad this show is happening. I can’t be on every week and this keep the rating afloat.

    Darling T is a wonderful guest, and I like your dynamic. I hate emotion and romance, but I find this acceptable.

  10. And the hits keep on coming. It’s great to hear Tracy again, and now she’s a show co-host she’s going to have to go to staff meetings… yay!

    Good on you, Tracy, for coming up with an original idea and following through, and nice one Rob, for being appropriately sensitive in choice of films. An American Werewolf in London is a fun flick, though presenting British people (‘Limeys’ – you’re so 1924, Rob!) as weird is obviously a knock to the verisimilitude. Where Tracy dropped out is pretty understandable.

    I’ve a great idea for a non-gory spooky film that Tracy might manage, but as it’s on the initial ‘oh PLEASE Rob!’ list I submitted to Film & Water, I shall keep schtum. Oh all right, it’s the original The Haunting, as mentioned by Max, it’s not like you don’t know! The spark for the Hitchcock theory you cited, Sabotage, would be a fascinating one, but it’s not actually a horror. So how about The Others? I recall no gore, but brrrrrr, there’s an unnerving sense of the Uncanny.

    Steve is so much better with horror movies than he used to be, it’s the sad films he can’t abide; we had to switch Bridge to Terabithia off for 20 minutes because he was reduced to a blubbering wreck – so sweet!

    1. THE HAUNTING is a very good suggestion–it’s on the initial list of about 20 or so films up for consideration!

      Thanks for listening! I hope you like next week’s episode!

  11. This was awesome I think you should have your girlfriend watch the movie something wicked this Way comes I believe it’s a Disney film rated PG but I remember it’s scaring the pants off of me

  12. I loved this episode, and the whole concept. It’s always great when people are willing to go outside their comfort zone and experience something new. Night of the Living Dead is a classic without many jump scares, and since the gore is all black &a white, it may lessen the impact for her.
    It’s unfortunate that ALIEN is so packed with jump scares, since it’s such a great movie.
    Prince of Darkness is a personal favorite, not too much gore or jump scares. She may even enjoy the whole “scientists try to explain God & the Devil with quantum physics”.
    I also think the original Phantasm is a great nerve wracker, again not to much in the way of gore, but plenty of suspense and atmosphere

  13. I like Nathaniel’s idea of guessing when Tracey will bail! Are you considering horror/ suspense? For instance, The Uninvited, Suspicion, Cat People (1942), Mad Love. Bloodless, but creepy movies!

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