Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #11



Don’t go into the light! TURN IT OFF WITH TRACY checks out a movie Tracy saw before–all the way through–many years ago, 1982’s POLTERGEIST! Can she do it again?

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13 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #11

  1. Your description of the special effects got me thinking (always dangerous). Could Raiders, Ghostbusters, and Poltergeist all exist in the same universe? Maybe the Ark being opened caused something that allowed more paranormal activity to start to manifest. This would lead to more groups trying to contact other beings (like Gozer). When Carol Ann is taken to the other side, the door between worlds is blown open. That directly leads to the events in Ghostbusters, where the whole of Manhattan is involved.

    Or, I could be over thinking it a bit. 😉

  2. Embarrassingly, I have only seen Poltergeist 3 of the series. I’ve been thinking about the original, though, since Hooper’s death, and hearing this episode I think I’ll check it out sooner rather than later.

  3. One little bit of trivia on actress Beatrice Straight (Dr. Lesh): I think she still holds the record for the shortest performance to ever earn an Oscar. She won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for playing William Holden’s wife in Network (1976) and she is only onscreen for 5 minutes and 2 seconds!

  4. Great episode, and great movie! This is a horror movie for folks who don’t like horror movies. Everyone lives, and it does have a true happy ending…although I’m not sure how the family really goes on after something like this!

    I remember seeing the second film in the theater. The old skeletal guy saying “LET ME IN” over in over at the screen door still gives me the willies! But yeah, it’s nothing compared to this one. And I like to imagine the family TRIED to live normal lives.

    Jo Beth Williams was “real world” attractive in this one. A pretty woman you might bump into at a grocery store. Hollywood used to showcase that more often. Nowadays…not so much.

    I enjoyed the paranormal discussion at the end. I’ve had some encounters myself, but I’d rather not go into them. Good on you guys for going there.


  5. Another fun show! That clown and tree double is the freakiest thing ever. I’ve not seen the second sequel, but I am curious. We’ve recently moved to a new housing estate but I did check with the building company that no First Americans buried bodies on this patch of Scotland.

    I’ve had a fair bit of poltergeist activity, from my teens to my early twenties (cliched, I know); things vanishing when my back was turned and showing up in the most incongruous places, eg a can of beans vanishing from a shelf in my parents’ shop and turning up in the loo five minutes later. There was a breadboard that slowly slid from the centre of the table, floated two feet away, then dropped to the floor… and many, many more. I once had something touch my shoulder and say my name as I sat in a room, alone. There was the red-eyed figure at the bottom of my bed, pressing down on me…. would someone please call Mystery Incorporated?

    And yeah, I also knew the word ‘poltergeist’ as a kid.

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