Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #12


Episode 12: HALLOWEEN

TURN IT OFF WITH TRACY is back, just in time for Halloween! And this time she is subjecting herself to…HALLOWEEN, John Carpenter’s 1978 classic! Grab a William Shatner mask and listen along!

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11 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #12

  1. Rob … If you don’t smile with ‘Lonely goatherd ‘ or well up a tear when Plummer sings Edelweiss for the first time … we’ll then you must be dead inside.

    1. When the AFI released their Top 100 Films list around 97 or 98, I made an effort to watch every movie on it of the ones I had not yet seen. I kept putting SOM off, like Pee Wee Herman not wanting to save the snakes in that burning pet store. Finally I sat down to watch it, and found it as excruciating as I expected. It felt like it was 17 hours long.

      While I acknowledge the film’s classic status, something about it just does not work for me. As a licensed physician, maybe you can definitely diagnose whether I am alive or dead?

  2. My wife and the Sound of Music, I can’t fight it.

    How about giving Tracy a break from this type of horror and show her something light and fun like Tremors. TREMORSSSSSS

  3. Now I picture Michael Myers on a green mountain range, twirling with his arms out. The hills are alive, with the sounds of slashing.

    I agree the most unsettling parts of this film are those quick shots of Michael in the daylight, in the suburban neighborhood. I can’t imagine seeing Christopher Lee as Loomis. Chris Lee is often the villain, but he’s never insane. He’s in control. Pleasance is always a very nervous, twitchy person, and that really helps with portraying Loomis as someone who is so unhinged by Myer’s evil, he’s almost as nuts as he is. He’s hysterical…with good reason!

    Fun show, but still just flummoxed Tracy made it through The Excorcist.

    Oh, and I like Halloween II. Not a bad sequel. After III, they are all forgettable crap.


  4. I had no idea about the Michael Myers- William Shatner mask! I love Halloween but would totally watch Sound of Music with Tracy as well.

  5. (Maybe I shouldn’t post yet… I seem to kill every thread!)

    Such a fun film, with the only sub-par element being Carpenter’s awful mini-Moog soundtrack.

    One thing though, Rob, in talking about the sequels it sounded as if you weren’t aware Jamie Lee Curtis has returned previously, notably in the pretty decent H20.

  6. Maybe for a change of pace we can have episodes of “Turn It Off With Rob”.

    “This week: “The Sound of Music”. Future episodes will include the Highlander series, Superman 3, and those Mermaid Man episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.”

    1. I have only ever walked out of two movies in my entire life, and I have never been so scared that I needed to do it. So if we did a reverse version of the show, it would just be misery for me because the films in question I would find so catastrophically terrible/boring to watch.

      If there ever was a movie that scared me so much I needed to turn it off, that would make me want to see it MORE!

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