Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #18


Episode 18: THE OTHERS

It’s Friday the 13th, and Tracy tries getting through the 2001 ghost story THE OTHERS, starring Nicole Kidman. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

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7 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off With Tracy #18

  1. I love this movie. Love it.

    As someone who watches too many movies, I often can see the twist. Or at least anticipate a twist. So when a movie truly surprises me *and* is a good movie, I am floored.

    When I first saw this, I had no idea about the twist. And the once you see it, all the other stuff snaps into place. The clues were all there. But a ghost story from the ghost point of view was so novel, I couldn’t see the forest, just the trees.

    So the graves are the kids graves. Of course the servants left one day. Of course Kidman can’t leave the grounds. Of course …

    Perhaps the saddest scene in retrospect is the visit from the husband. My guess is he is dead and has moved on to the afterlife. But he gets some dispensation to come down and try to help his wife but he can’t get through to her. So he has to leave her in this nightmare.

    I’m so glad Tracy got through it.

  2. I thought I HAD seen this, but now that I know the twist, I realize I hadn’t…and so I am kind of sorry I robbed myself of the experience. But I still want to watch this! I think I DVRed it.

    I know it’s kind of obvious, but speaking of ghosts and twists, how about The Sixth Sense? Has Tracy seen it? If not, it will be interesting to hear what she thinks of it. Of course it does have some jump scares in it. I still have scars on my legs where Cindy clawed into me at the movie theater in one scene.


  3. I was shocked when my 8 year old niece predicted the ending as we were watching this one recently. She said, “They are the ghosts.” I am proud of her but disturbed she caught on before me! Suggestion for your next spooky movie: The Ghost & Mr. Chicken (1966).

  4. The Others was the last movie that truly surprised me, I simply didn’t see the twist coming. Glad Tracy finally liked one of these movies, and suggest that For the next Friday the 13th you watch Jason X. Let’s face it, that’s one movie that’s so bad its funny.

  5. It’s a top movie, indeed. One of the surprising aspects was the very effective casting of Eric Sykes as one of the servants… he was a sitcom and variety star in the UK for decades, this was massive casting against type, and he pulled it off.

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