Film & Water Presents – Turn It Off with Tracy #25


Episode 25: DEAD & BURIED

Rob tries to show Tracy one of his favorite horror movies, 1981’s DEAD & BURIED. It doesn’t go well.

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6 responses to “Film & Water Presents – Turn It Off with Tracy #25

  1. I haven’t seen this film…but now I want to. Even with the plot spoiled (again, my fault for listening on, not yours), I would still like to see it. Jack Albertson was also “The Man” of Chico and the Man. So doubly disturbing to see him as the villain.

    I hate to tell this to Tracy, but my Dad has macular degeneration in both eyes, and about once a month has to have an injection in at least one eye. Sometimes both. I’ve taken him to the doctor many times myself, and watched it happen. Truly disturbing…but better than going blind. He’s a good sport about it just because of that. Not sure how he stands it, though.

    And Tracy…don’t hit Rob. Let’s stop the violence.


  2. “…Robert.”

    Oh! That never gets old!

    I like how you decided to see a movie whose title mirrors how Darling T now considers your relationship.

  3. I just wanted to champion what Tracy said about eye trauma in movies.

    I am an enthusiastic fan of all sorts of gory zombie movies with the worst sort of bloody violence, and none of it makes me flinch.

    But poke out ONE EYEBALL in a movie, and I always have to pause the movie and wait for my throat to unclench.

    1. I completely agree: there’s something horribly visceral about eyes that makes anything going into them them utterly cringeworthy.

      I think it’s the moist squishiness of the eyeball, along with the fact that they will see everything that’s happening to them that makes them trigger such squeamish sensations… far more than a bucket of blood’n’guts.


  4. Without wanting to cause any domestic trouble, so far Tracy has sat through 2,387 minutes of Horror movies. That’s the equivalent of Rob watching 13.87 showings of “The Sound of Music”. (Or 397.8 showings of “Piper”!)

  5. Frederick Wertham made a big deal about “injury to the eye motif” in comics in Seduction of the Innocent. It’s a classic comics trope!

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