Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #8


Episode 8: ZODIAC

TURN IT OFF WITH TRACY is back, this time taking a look at David Fincher’s 2007 thriller ZODIAC, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo! How far will Tracy get? Consult the ciphers and see if you can figure it out!

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9 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #8

  1. FYI: Bryan Hartnell, who was the male survivor of the Lake Berryessa attack served as an unpaid consultant on the film. He married had children and became an attorney. Back in 2007, he made a rare appearance with Anderson Cooper on CNN in connection with the movie. Here is a 1969 news report on Zodiac featuring Hartnell. The sound cuts out briefly several times.

  2. Maybe there should be an FW Presents on True Crime experiences?

    I haven’t seen this film, as my stomach for this type of real horror has gotten pretty weak as I’ve gotten older and had kids, etc, but it sounds quite intriguing.

    Good on Tracy for making through, and having the nerve to be sarcastic with a gun in her face!


    1. You can definitely handle this one if I can. It’s much more of a procedural. There are 2 sequences of killing that are intense but not really all that graphic in horror movie style. There is also an extended director’s cut (no pun intended).

  3. Steve and I saw this when it came out, in the US actually. Boy, were we bored. It just went on and on and on, rambling, actors noodling away… And then we didn’t even get to find out who the killer was! Just make something up already!

    I loved hearing you too talk about it, though.

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