Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #9


Episode 9: THE THING

TURN IT OFF WITH TRACY heads to Antarctica, to check out John Carpenter’s 1982 classic THE THING! With they both survive? Hit Play and find out!

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11 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #9

  1. Wow Tracy, you got so much further into this than you ever should have. Despite all his protestations Rob really threw you in the deep end on this one.

    This is in my top 5 all time movies but absolutely not for everyone.

    I believe That Thing You Do is another earlier prequel.

  2. Have I mentioned this was the first true modern horror film I ever watched around age 10? The body horror in this movie makes David Cronenberg wince. I too am impressed Tracy made it that far in. Having said all that, I haven’t seen it in a LONG time, and I’m due for another watch.

    I have a single friend who once told Cindy “I don’t do guilt trips”. Ever since then, I’ll whip that line out on her in fun. Feel free to use it Rob. It’s a hit with the ladies!


  3. I really enjoyed this one. I have memories of the first time I saw the Thing at a friends house and drove home alone on unlit back country roads freakin’ myself out the whole way home.

    A couple of years ago, after reading the original story the Thing was based on, I sat down with my wife Lorie to watch the Thing. The kids were in bed, the cats weren’t. So one cat curled up in Lorie’s lap while we watched the movie. With the lights off, natch.

    So at the scene of the blood test, when the jump scare and alien reveal occurred, my wife screamed. The cat, somewhat startled at this, dug it’s back claws into my wife’s legs and leaped off to safety. Which made my wife scream again and add in some curses. I had to pause the movie in order to recover from my wife’s screams, the kid’s worried concerns, and my own giggle fest.


    D.C. Dill
    Martinsburg, WV

  4. What an awesome flick.

    You think maybe one of them survived, with a bit of brain damage from the cold, and decided to become a truck driver occasionally dropping by Little China staying away from Big Trouble?

  5. I had no idea this wasn’t a hit when it came out – I remember going to see it and loving it, and everyone I know loved it too. Interesting musings on whether US audiences just weren’t in the mood for something without the ol’ hopeful ending.

  6. Wow! So surprised, well maybe I’m not surprised that Tracy didn’t make it through this one. It’s such a good film. So much awesome suspense, mystery, horror and Sci-Fi. One of Carpenter’s best, so I would have thought the quality and intrigue of this movie would push her through. In my house this movie is revered. We even have an artsy movie poster print of The Thing by Brian Churilla hanging in our house and it’s my wife’s favorite film of all time.

  7. It was a foregone conclusion that the level of disturbing gore would make Tracy shut it off. Definitely in my top 3 Carpenters.

    Make your folk music jokes somewhere else.

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