Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #20


Episode 20: DIABOLIQUE

Tracy tries some Gallic horror this time, as Rob shows her Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1955 classic DIABOLIQUE!

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3 responses to “Film & Water Presents: Turn It Off with Tracy #20

  1. I had the same question about the cop waiting but then I thought what would he arrest them for before the death? If he jumps in when he sees Michel in the tub, the husband and mistress could just say it was an elaborate prank. There isn’t a law against pretending to be dead for a couple of days.

    I always assumed that the cop thought it would be something mundane, like Michel shooting or stabbing Simone. So if Michel rises from the tub with a weapon, the cop could then come in for ‘attempted murder’. Unfortunately, it was scaring her to death … no weapon. So he couldn’t act in time.

    And yes, it will depend on the judge. Michel and Cree can try the ‘it was just supposed to be a joke’ defense.

  2. I haven’t actually seen this film, but I had the ending ruined for me in a Horror documentary I watched, which of course did kind of take all the fun out of watching it. The scene of him rising from the tub is chilling nonetheless. And of course, I think I have this on the DVR.

    Rob, had I known you never really watched The Andy Griffith Show I would have never joined the network. Okay, well, yeah, I would have. If for nothing else than to talk to Richard Donner. :-)

    Seriously, it’s my favorite sitcom of all time, and honestly my favorite non-geeky TV show. I would do a MayberryCast in a heartbeat if I had the time. And no one steal that idea, if there’s not one out there already!!!

    Fun show as always, and I can’t wait to hear what cinema torture Tracy has to endure for next time!


  3. I put off listening to the show until I could see the film, as it’s one I’ve been meaning to watch since university, so what better excuse? It went down great with a pile of ironing and while, like Tracey, I suspected Nicole (who reminded me of Pat Butcher from EastEnders) of being in on it with Michel, she seemed so sincere. I don’t mind that CriCri died as she murdered her husband – OK, he wasn’t dead, but for a Catholic intention is action… and the fact that she thought murder was a lesser sin than divorce? Twisted.

    Also, how dare she dress up as Dorothy Gale?

    Where was the F-word, I never noticed it on my Amazon rental?

    I did laugh at the opening credits, when, amid all the impressive French terms, up popped ‘Script Girl’!

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