Fire & Water #207 – Aquaman/Firestorm Team-Ups

Shag and Rob kick off 2018 looking back some classic Aquaman and Firestorm team-ups with Superman in DC COMICS PRESENTS! First up is The Man of Steel and Aquaman in "Eight Arms of Conquest!" from DCCP #48 by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, Irv Novick, and Frank McLaughlin. Next is Superman and Firestorm (plus Captain Atom) in "Escape from Solitude!" from DCCP #90 by Paul Kupperberg, Denys Cowan, and Dave Hunt!

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #207 – Aquaman/Firestorm Team-Ups

  1. Shag is the only comic reader who every was disappointed to NOT find Pariah in a comic.

    I have the Aquaman team-up issue, and I always liked that cover. I like white background covers, IF the image is compelling enough to expel any other background details. And a yellow DCCP banner? Weird!

    I’ve been enjoying a lot of the Novick/McLaughlin team in the Tales of the Batman by Len Wein hardcover Cindy got me for Christmas. Great stuff!!!

    Oh, and when you get around to that last “Whatever Happened to..” story, maybe Cindy and I should do a Starman Chronicles also featuring the Black Pirate. Black Pirate week on F&W! Downloads will go through the roof!

    I missed out on the Firestorm/Captain Atom issue, but I knew the good Captain from Modern Comics reprints of the classic Charlton issues I found at a local drugstore. I kind of like his odd silver/blue/red costume. Not as much as the chrome look, but it’s very different.

    Dave Hunt on Cowan is like the reverse of putting Bill Sink-o-vitch (I can’t spell that) on Jim Aparo, that DC just wouldn’t stop doing in the early 90s. It’s too great tastes that don’t taste great together. Like spaghetti sauce on ice cream. Blech.

    Fun show guys! I hope you made a snow angel Shag! Great Better of Dead zinger Rob!


  2. Those are two fun sounding stories. Thanks for sharing them, Shag and Rob.

    The continuity problem with silver-age Captain Atom is vexing, which indeed makes the story a curiosity. But that’s almost a minor point since every Superman story after Crisis #10 and before Man of Steel #1 is potentially out of continuity. Except for DCCP #96 with Blue Devil. That’s set in stone. What? Terra Man is in it? Uh….

    Oh, that Elastic Four issue. Such a hoot.

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