Fire & Water #221 – DC’s Nuclear Winter Special

Shag and Rob take a look at the newly-released DC'S NUCLEAR WINTER SPECIAL, featuring brand-new stories starring Aquaman (by Mairghread Scott & Dexter Soy) and Firestorm (by Paul Dini & Jerry Ordway)!

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13 responses to “Fire & Water #221 – DC’s Nuclear Winter Special

  1. I haven’t read this, so just going off your recap, the Aquaman story does sound…overly shortened for a comic tale, but it also sounds like the writer may have been trying to allude to the Christmas story. Angels told shepherd where to find mankind’s hope–in the form of a humble child in an unlikely place. Here, scientists tell Aquaman to find mankind’s hope in a humble and unlikely place.

  2. I was informed by the great Martin Gray that I should buy this book (despite the hefty price point). Glad he clued me in.

    The two stories you reviewed were winners, especially the Firestorm one.

    But, no surprise, I thought the Supergirl one was the best one. It really leaned into her history as well as being a story about hope in this desolate future. I reviewed on my site for anyone interested.

    Thanks for covering!

    1. And I reviewed the whole lot on my site if anyone is THAT bored!

      Anyway, thanks for a splendidly logical choice of episode subject, I really enjoyed your commentary on these stories… I had such low expectations for this issue, but in fact it’s really, really good.

  3. I’m glad you guys (particularly Shag) loved this Firestorm story, but I have to agree with Rob that I have problems with this premise in general. To me its’ another one of DC’s rather wrong-headed and dark decisions they’ve made over the past decade and a half or so. I’m sure there’s some great work here (the Firestorm story looks and sounds fun), but call me old fashioned. I want my Christmas and Holiday stories to be completely upbeat and cheerful escapism. I much prefer the Walmart special Shag was nice enough to send to me, since I couldn’t find it. Modern stories, mostly (the oldest being the classic 90s Superman tale, “Metropolis Mailbag”), but still more in the vein of what I want out of Holiday entertainment.

    But to each their own. Glad to see Firestorm getting some love from such a great creative team!


  4. If you really want to do a Firestorm-centric new comic episode, there’s always the Firestorm-heavy latest Doomsday Clock issue. I mean, you could wait for the end of the series, but we could all be dead by then…

  5. I was hoping you guys would cover the whole book and not just the Firestorm and Aquaman stories. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to buy it, but if the Batman is “Damian Batman” I think I will pass. As much as I love Wonder Woman, I really don’t like the speared Kanga on the cover, either.

    Oh, and don’t be disheartened that Firestorm and Aquaman didn’t make the cover. The Halloween Cursed Comics Cavalcade featured a Superman story, and he didn’t make the cover….and he launched the entire industry. I love Zatanna as much as the next guy, but was shocked that she got a cover blurb over the Man of Steel. I don’t buy too many modern comics, but since I enjoyed the Halloween issue, I thought about getting this winter one.

    I was also curious to see what you guys had to say about the FF Behold Galactus book that you recommended. Be forewarned if you haven’t seen it “in person” yet, you still will be shocked by how huge it is. It makes a treasury look like a digest. I have to store mine by sliding it under the bed. I’m afraid if I put it out somewhere, it will fall on my dog and crush her. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get the box in the house. I’ll bet my postman was ready to kill me that day.

    Speaking of recommendations: How did Rob not recommend the recently released Aquaman : The Search for Mera collection? I’ve never collected Aquaman, but I picked this up for the Jim Aparo art and I LOVE the Nick Cardy covers included as well. Rob, you may have to turn in your Aqua-fan card.

  6. While not a fan of the “nuclear” theme for a Christmas special, and while I didn’t like most of the stories in this book, I do agree with you gents that the Firestorm story itself, is well worth the price of admission… In fact, that’s the only reason I bought this book, so not caring for the other stories, I’m alright with…. I got what I paid for.

    Loved the coverage of the book. As usual, you guys did a great job.

    Merry Christmas to your entire network.

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